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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Thunderfused Val'kyr Hauberk
820101ChestLooted Mail
Tidefury Chestpiece
115ChestLooted Mail
Tidefury Chestpiece
11570ChestLooted Mail
Tidefury Gauntlets
11570HandsLooted Mail
Tidefury Helm
11570HeadLooted Mail
Tidefury Kilt
11570LegsLooted Mail
Tidefury Shoulderguards
11570ShouldersLooted Mail
Tidehunter Helm
42080HeadLooted Mail
Time Twister's Gauntlets
37885HandsLooted Mail
Time-Dessicated Girdle
37885WaistLooted Mail
Timmy's Galoshes
4742FeetLooted Mail
Tol'Vir Hereditary Girdle
30882Waist Cyrus the Black Mail
Tooranu's Spaulders
333Shoulders Kill the Courier Mail
Toothslice Helm
18778HeadVendor Mail
Toremu's Crackling Grips
41781HandsLooted Mail
Tornado Cuffs
18778WristsLooted Mail
Tortoise Armor
2520ChestLooted Mail
Tortolla's Discarded Scales
288Hands Finish Nemesis Mail
Towering Mantle of the Hunt
11570ShouldersLooted Mail
Tracker's Belt
9162WaistLooted Mail
Tracker's Belt
91WaistLooted Mail
Trailseeker Belt
610100WaistLooted Mail
Trailseeker Bracers
610100WristsLooted Mail
Trailseeker Gauntlets
610100HandsLooted Mail
Trailseeker Greaves
610100FeetLooted Mail
Trailseeker Helm
610100HeadLooted Mail
Trailseeker Legguards
610100LegsLooted Mail
Trailseeker Spaulders
610100ShouldersLooted Mail
Trailseeker Vest
610100ChestLooted Mail
Traitor's Grips
34685HandsLooted Mail
Traveling Helm
58598HeadCrafted Mail
Traveling Leggings
54092LegsCrafted Mail
Traveling Tunic
56595ChestCrafted Mail
Treads of Altered History
18778FeetLooted Mail
Treads of Exotic Mastery
42582FeetLooted Mail
Treads of Fixation
46390FeetLooted Mail
Treads of Fixation
46390FeetLooted Mail
Treads of Fixation
45087FeetLooted Mail
Treads of Restoration
288Feet Aessina's Miracle Mail
Treads of the Foolhardy
32Feet High Priest Venoxis Mail
Treads of the Foolhardy
32Feet High Priest Venoxis Mail
Treads of the Glorious Spirit
20080FeetVendor Mail
Treads of the Neferset
333Feet The Source of Their Power Mail
Treads of the Unseen Path
810110FeetVendor Mail
Treads of the Valiant Struggle
146FeetQuest Mail
Treads of the Wyrmhunter
30882FeetLooted Mail
Treads of Whispering Dreams
20080FeetVendor Mail
Treasure Hunter's Gloves
333Hands Doing it the Hard Way Mail
Tristam Legguards
6055Legs Mail
Troll Auxillary Chainmail
680Chest Fate of the Queen's Reprisal Mail
Trueaim Gauntlets
6055HandsLooted Mail
Trueaim Grips
55090HandsUnobtainable Mail
Tsunami Chestguard
33383ChestCrafted Mail
Tsunami Shoulders
30880ShouldersCrafted Mail
Tundra Tracker's Shoulderguards
155ShouldersQuest Mail
Tunic of Screaming Earth
820101ChestLooted Mail
Tunic of the Ranger Lord
12570ChestLooted Mail
Tunneler's Boots
20Feet Mail
Tusken Helm
3530HeadLooted Mail
Tweedle's Blastproof Legguards
23Legs Blastranaar! Mail
Twilight Void Bracers
5348WristsLooted Mail
Twin-Headed Boots
20080FeetLooted Mail
Typhoon Grips
66098HandsLooted Mail
Ukorz's Chain Leggings
4944LegsLooted Mail
Uncasked Chestguard
46390ChestLooted Mail
Uncasked Chestguard
46390ChestLooted Mail
Uncasked Chestguard
41085ChestLooted Mail
Undergrowth Stalker Chestpiece
45890ChestVendor Mail
Un'Goro Mantle
55Shoulders Ever Watching From Above Mail
Uninsured Armguards
17Wrists Mutiny, Mon! Mail
Valarjar Runepriest's Vesture
820110HeadVendor Mail
Valen's Treads
30Feet Dances with Grimtotem Mail
Val'kyr Vestments
18376Chest Hildana Deathstealer Mail
Valor-Bound Greaves
800Legs The Aegis of Aggramar Mail
Veiled Pauldrons
2520Shoulders Swords Deck Mail
Venomous Headgear
35Head Shadra the Venom Queen Mail
Venomtail Belt
390Waist Tranquil Satchel of Helpful Goods Mail
Venomtail Boots
390FeetLooted Mail
Venomtail Chestguard
390ChestLooted Mail
Venomtail Gauntlets
390HandsLooted Mail
Venomtail Girdle
390WaistLooted Mail
Venomtail Gloves
390Hands Tranquil Satchel of Helpful Goods Mail
Venomtail Helm
390Head Tranquil Satchel of Helpful Goods Mail
Venomtail Pauldrons
390Shoulders Tranquil Satchel of Helpful Goods Mail
Venomtail Shoulderguards
390ShouldersLooted Mail
Venomtail Treads
390Feet Tranquil Satchel of Helpful Goods Mail
Venomtail Vest
390Chest Tranquil Satchel of Helpful Goods Mail
Venomtail Visor
390HeadLooted Mail
Verdant Handwraps
91Hands Natural Remedies Mail
Verek's Leash
5651WaistLooted Mail
Vest of Elements
6358Chest Mail
Vest of Living Lightning
9162ChestLooted Mail
Vest of Living Lightning
91ChestLooted Mail
Vest of the True Companion
34685ChestVendor Mail
Vest of the Waking Dream
34685ChestVendor Mail
Veteran Spearman's Chain Boots
6055FeetLooted Mail
Vexing Coif
420Head Lord of the Shado-Pan Mail
Vicious Charscale Belt
37785WaistCrafted Mail
Vicious Charscale Boots
37785FeetCrafted Mail
Vicious Charscale Bracers
37785WristsCrafted Mail