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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Marauding Cord
18Waist Centaur Bracers Mail
Light Scale Boots
1813FeetCrafted Mail
Leggings of the Hack "Mage"
18Legs Hacking the Construct Mail
Inter-Feather-Linked Greaves
18Feet Shear Will Mail
Inconspicuous Footguards
18Feet A Wolf in Bear's Clothing Mail
Exterminator's Bracers
18Wrists Detonation Mail
Chainmail of the Dragon Slayer
18Chest Razormaw Mail
Capacitance Bands
18Wrists Watch Your Step Mail
Breakwater Girdle
18Waist Mail
Brackwater Vest
1813ChestLooted Mail
Bloodspattered Loincloth
1813LegsLooted Mail
Asylum Boots
18Feet Xylem's Asylum Mail
Ancient Armbands
18Wrists The Devourer of Darkshore Mail
Absentminded Legguards
18Legs The Absent-Minded Prospector Mail
Stone Guard Greaves
18Legs The Dark Shaman Mail
Scaled Vest of the Shaman
18Chest The Dark Shaman Mail
Scale Vest of the Shaman
18Chest Taragaman the Hungerer Mail
Gordoth's Crushers
1813HandsLooted Mail
Dark Shaman's Jerkin
1813ChestLooted Mail
Chitonous Bindings
1813WristsLooted Mail
Chasm Linked Pants
18Legs Taragaman the Hungerer Mail
Bonecoal Waistguard
1813WaistLooted Mail
Laced Mail Pants
1914LegsLooted Mail
Laced Mail Belt
1914WaistLooted Mail
War Paint Legguards
1914LegsLooted Mail
Treacherous Boots
19Feet The Grand Magus Doane Mail
Shadowhide Footguards
19Feet Shadowhide Extinction Mail
Runed Copper Bracers
1914WristsCrafted Mail
Raider's Legguards
1914LegsLooted Mail
Raider's Gauntlets
1914HandsLooted, Fished Mail
Raider's Boots
1914FeetLooted, Fished Mail
Outrunner's Cord
1914WaistLooted Mail
Light Scale Pants
1914LegsCrafted Mail
Jadefire Squelcher Cord
19Waist Jadefire Braziers Mail
Hands of Unfocused Rage
19Hands Hezrul Bloodmark Mail
Grunt's Bracers
1914WristsLooted Mail
Farstrider's Cuffs
19Wrists Assault on Zeb'Nowa Mail
Burnished Bracers
1914WristsLooted, Fished Mail
Blackwood Treads
19Feet The Defiler Mail
Blackrock Boots
1914FeetLooted Mail
Better, Stronger, Faster Bracers
19Wrists From the Belly of the Beast Mail
Artificer's Boots
19Feet Galaen's Fate Mail
Azure Scale Hauberk
19Chest Fade to Black Mail
Armguards of the Ancient Grove
19Wrists The Battle for Darkshore Mail
Laced Mail Shoulderpads
2015ShouldersLooted, Pick Pocketed Mail
Laced Mail Boots
2015FeetLooted Mail
Winning Mail Gloves
20Hands Welcome to the Machine Mail
Web Encased Tunic
20Chest Glorious Harvest Mail
Web Coated Leggings
20Legs Human Infestation Mail
Waterproof Britches
20Legs The Floodsurge Core Mail
Topsoil Binders
20Wrists Sedimentary, My Dear Mail
Sparkproof Gauntlets
20Hands Incendicite Ore Mail
Scourge Lieutenant Breeches
20Legs Dar'Khan's Lieutenants Mail
Ravager Scale Grips
20Hands Clearing the Way Mail
Raider's Chestpiece
2015ChestLooted, Fished Mail
Outrunner's Slippers
2015FeetLooted Mail
Outrunner's Gloves
2015HandsLooted Mail
Ornate Wire Cinch
20Waist Culling the Flutterers Mail
Keyton's Mail Pauldrons
20Shoulders Muckgill's Flipper or Something... Mail
Ironforge Breastplate
2015ChestCrafted Mail
Grunt's Belt
2015WaistLooted Mail
Grips of the Lightning Fast Assasin
20Hands Lightning Strike Assassination Mail
Darkmoon Chainmail
2010Chest Rogues Deck Mail
Darkmoon Breastplate
2010Chest Rogues Deck Mail
Crackling Scale Breastplate
2015ChestCrafted Mail
Cord of the Ancient Horn
20Waist The Offering to Azshara Mail
Chain Hauberk
2015ChestCrafted Mail
Chain Boots
2015FeetCrafted Mail
Burnished Gloves
2015HandsLooted, Fished, Pick Pocketed Mail
Burnished Girdle
2015WaistLooted, Fished Mail
Bravo Company Spaulders
Bravo Company Amice
Botanist's Chain Pants
20Legs Lawn of the Dead Mail
Blackrock Gauntlets
2015HandsLooted Mail
Bad Waistguard
20Waist Drungeld Glowerglare Mail
Tunneler's Boots
20Feet Mail
Stormbringer Belt
2015WaistLooted Mail
Smelter's Britches
2015LegsLooted Mail
Old Friend's Gloves
2015HandsLooted Mail
Goblin Mail Leggings
2015LegsLooted Mail
Foreman's Leggings
2015LegsLooted Mail
Belt of Absolute Allegiance
20Waist Cities in Dust Mail
Linked Chain Shoulderpads
2116ShouldersLooted Mail
Linked Chain Boots
2116FeetLooted Mail
Raider's Shoulderpads
2116ShouldersLooted Mail
Bloodspattered Shoulder Pads
2116ShouldersLooted Mail
Stoutfist Chainmail
21Chest Assault on Menethil Keep Mail
Starwhisper Spaulders
21Shoulders Agents of Destruction Mail
Soot-Stained Chainmail Breastplate
21Chest Explosives Shredding Mail
Sludge Guard Mail Vest
21Chest Freedom for Lydon Mail
Rough Bronze Leggings
2116LegsCrafted Mail
Night Watch Hauberk
21Chest Wolves at Our Heels Mail
Grunt's Handwraps
2116HandsLooted Mail
Grunt's Ankle Wraps
2116FeetLooted Mail
Griefbearer Leggings
21Legs Crisis at Splintertree Mail
Gorka's Brass Shoulderguards
21Shoulders Management Material Mail
Gorat's Spaulders of Satisfaction
21Shoulders Gorat's Vengeance Mail
Felfire-Scorched Chestguard
21Chest Playing With Felfire Mail
Feero's Ringmail Grips
21Hands Respect for the Fallen Mail
Drifter's Cinch
21Waist Deliver the Thread Mail