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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Northwatch Bracers
30Wrists Run Out the Guns Plate
Nightsfall Vambraces
810101WristsLooted Plate
Nether Drake Wristguards
105Wrists Spirit Calling Plate
Necropolis Vambraces
18280WristsLooted Plate
Nar'thalas Bracers
680Wrists The Headmistress' Keys Plate
Narsong Bracers
399WristsQuest Plate
Naga Plate Bracers
12Wrists Twice Removed Plate
Mystlash Bracers
22Wrists Keep the Fires Burning Plate
Museum Guard's Bracers
10Wrists Priceless Treasures Plate
Muffled Bracers
318Wrists Dark Assassins Plate
Mountainscaler Heavy Armplates
39387WristsVendor Plate
Mountainscaler Burnished Bracers
39387WristsVendor Plate
Mountainscaler Armored Bracers
39387WristsVendor Plate
Moonshatter Vambraces
810101WristsLooted Plate
Miner Vambraces
39085WristsLooted Plate
Meiofauna Wristguards
272Wrists Something Edible Plate
Magnataur Bracers
16676WristsLooted Plate
Lucidity Wristwraps
437Wrists Extracting Answers Plate
Lucidity Bracers
437Wrists The Dissector Wakens Plate
Lofty Armguards
5045WristsLooted Plate
Lightsteel Bracers
39385WristsCrafted Plate
Lightsoul Vambraces
2520Wrists Plate
Lifegiver's Ward
162Wrists Returned Sevenfold Plate
Ley-Scarred Vambraces
810101WristsLooted Plate
Landlocked Wristguards
138Wrists Not Without a Fight! Plate
Krom'gar Legionnaire's Plate Bracers
27WristsVendor Plate
Krom'gar Legionnaire's Armored Bracers
27WristsVendor Plate
Kraken Vambraces
17077WristsLooted Plate
Korjan Armplates
399WristsQuest Plate
Khan'aish Bracers
9662WristsLooted Plate
Keelhaul Shackles
33Wrists Swabbing Duty Plate
Karabor Honor Guard Wristwraps
512Wrists Plate
Kal'delar Vambraces
680101WristsLooted Plate
Junior Technician 3rd Grade Bracers
108Wrists You're Hired! Plate
Jungle-Chopper Wristplates
470Wrists Bleeding Hollow Savage Plate
Jouster's Wristguards
4040WristsLooted Plate
Jotunheim Shackles
174Wrists The Art of Being a Water Terror Plate
Jormungar Bracers
15874WristsLooted Plate
Jintha'Alor Bracers
33Wrists Faces of Evil Plate
Jessera's Fungus Lined Bracers
13WristsLooted, Quest Plate
Jasperlode Vambraces
28379WristsLooted Plate
Jandvik Vambraces
680101WristsLooted Plate
Jade Tiger Armplates
384WristsQuest Plate
Jade Bracers
4641WristsLooted Plate
Ironfist Vambraces
58299WristsLooted Plate
Instigator's Armplates
105Wrists Crusader's Crate of Battlefield Goods Plate
Inexorable Armguards
680100Wrists Plate
Inexorable Armguards
680100Wrists Plate
Inexorable Armguards
680100Wrists Plate
Imperial Plate Bracers
5449WristsCrafted Plate
Imbued Plate Vambraces
5752WristsLooted, Fished Plate
Hyperion Vambraces
6055WristsLooted Plate
Horn Sounder's Bracers
20Wrists The Offering to Azshara Plate
Holgom's Bracers
30Wrists Warriors' Redemption Plate
Highpeak Vambraces
40087WristsLooted Plate
High Chief's Bindings
4944WristsLooted Plate
Heroic Bracers
5651WristsLooted Plate
Heavy Lamellar Vambraces
5146WristsLooted Plate
Heatbinder Wristplates
272Wrists The Return of Baron Geddon Plate
Heart-Lesion Vambraces
870110Wrists Plate
Heart-Lesion Vambraces
640100Wrists Plate
Heart-Lesion Vambraces
600100Wrists Plate
Heart-Lesion Vambraces
48390Wrists Plate
Heart-Lesion Vambraces
48390Wrists Plate
Heart-Lesion Vambraces
2520Wrists Plate
Heart-Lesion Armguards
870110Wrists Plate
Heart-Lesion Armguards
640100Wrists Plate
Heart-Lesion Armguards
48390Wrists Plate
Heart-Lesion Armguards
48390Wrists Plate
Hardened Obsidium Bracers
28980WristsCrafted Plate
Hardened Bone Wrist Protectors
174Wrists Killing Two Scourge With One Skeleton Plate
Halgrind Bracers
14671WristsLooted Plate
Gul'rok Vambraces
52794WristsLooted Plate
Grizzlemaw Vambraces
15072WristsLooted Plate
Gripsteel Wristguards
38Wrists Plate
Grimtoll Wristguards
28Wrists Plate
Grimscale Vambraces
8157WristsLooted Plate
Greywatch Vambraces
680Wrists Cut Out the Heart Plate
Greystone Wristplates
810101WristsLooted Plate
Gregorky's Bracers
14Wrists Evidence Collection Plate
Gothic Plate Vambraces
4540WristsLooted Plate
Golem Vambraces
17478WristsLooted Plate
Goldtalon Bracers
429Wrists The Motives of the Mantid Plate
Glorious Bindings
5550WristsLooted Plate
Glass Lake Bracers
384WristsQuest Plate
Ghost-Forged Bracers
38485WristsCrafted Plate
Garothi Vambraces
810101Wrists Relinquished Bracers Plate
Frostwolf Stalwart Bracers
512Wrists The Warlord's Guard Plate
Frostpaw Vambraces
16275WristsLooted Plate
Front-Line Armplates
43Wrists Crate of Battlefield Goods Plate
Freed Shackles
138Wrists Leading the Ancestors Home Plate
Foundry-Fired Plate Wristwraps
528WristsQuest Plate
Forgotten Peacekeeper Armguards
42990WristsLooted Plate
Foolhardy Bracers
18Wrists Centaur Bracers Plate
Flesh Giant Toe-Ring
44Wrists Counter-Plague Research Plate
Fiery Bracers
17Wrists Soothing the Elements Plate
Field Plate Vambraces
4140WristsLooted Plate
Field Agent's Bracers
108Wrists Retrieving the Goods Plate
Fargodeep Vambraces
29581WristsLooted Plate
Fairweather's Wristguards
105WristsQuest Plate