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Name Level Req. Level Source Type
Aged Dalaran Sharp Wheel
8575Vendor Other
Aged Health Potion
110100Looted, Pick Pocketed Potion
Aged Yolk
7570Looted Food & Drink
Agile Brawler's Purse
1 Other
Airy Biscuits
11095Looted, Pick Pocketed Food & Drink
Airy Pale Ale
1Quest, Vendor Other
Alchemical Bonding Agent
10098Vendor Other
Alchemist's Cauldron
85Created Other
Alchemist's Cauldron Test
85Unobtainable Other
Alchemist's Rejuvenation
9085Crafted, Looted Potion
Alchemy Lab Cauldron
85 Other
Alchemy Lab Cauldron - Elixir
85 Other
Alchemy Lab Cauldron - Transmutation
85 Other
Aldor Supplies Package
1 Honored by Your Allies Other
Aldor Supplies Package
1 Revered in the Field of Battle Other
Aldor Supplies Package
1 A Friend in the Frontlines Other
Aldor Supplies Package
1 Exalted Among All Combatants Other
Alliance Banner
1Created Other
Alliance Battle Standard
100Vendor Other
Alliance Firework
1 Spoils of Theramore Other
Alliance Firework
1Vendor Other
Alliance Firework
1Crafted Other
All-Seer's Draught
1Quest, Vendor Other
Alterac Heavy Runecloth Bandage
58Vendor Bandage
Alterac Manna Biscuit
5151Vendor Food & Drink
Alterac Swiss
4545Looted, Vendor, Pick Pocketed Food & Drink
Altruis' Findings
194 Other
Amber Essence
1 Other
Amberseed Bun
9085Vendor Food & Drink
A-Me 01's Thumb Drive
1 Other
Amulet of Binding
1 Other
Ancient Bandana
10090 Food & Drink
Ancient Device Fragment
1 Buried Debris Other
Ancient Healing Potion
110100Crafted, Looted Potion
Ancient Mana
1 Other
Ancient Mana Fragment
1 Other
Ancient Mana Fragments
110 Other
Ancient Mana Potion
110100Crafted, Looted Potion
Ancient Rejuvenation Potion
110100Crafted, Looted Potion
Ancient Tol'vir Armaments
1 Ancient Tol'vir Weapons Other
Ancient Vrykul Ring
10098Looted, Fished, Vendor Other
Anesthetic Poison
7777 Other
Ango'rosh Sorcerer Stone
9594Looted Other
Angry Brewfest Letter
1Vendor Other
Angry Post
1Vendor Other
Ang's Giant Pink Turnip
1 Ang's Giant Pink Turnip Other
Ang's Summer Watermelon
1 Ang's Summer Watermelon Other
Antiseptic Bandage
10091Crafted Bandage
16Crafted Other
1 Other
Aquadynamic Fish Attractor
30Crafted, Vendor Other
Aquadynamic Fish Lens
20 Stendel's Bane Other
Aquatic Battle-Training Stone
1Looted Other
Arathi Basin Enriched Ration
5545Looted Other
Arathi Basin Field Ration
3525 Other
Arathi Basin Iron Ration
4535 Other
Arathi Basin Mageweave Bandage
4535 Bandage
Arathi Basin Runecloth Bandage
5545Looted Bandage
Arathi Basin Silk Bandage
3525 Bandage
Arathor Advanced Care Package
1 Arathor Advanced Care Package Other
Arathor Basic Care Package
1 Arathor Basic Care Package Other
Arathor Standard Care Package
1 Arathor Standard Care Package Other
Arcane Bomb
60Crafted Explosives and Devices
Arcane Charges
7070 Other
Arcane Elixir
4737Crafted, Looted Elixir
Arcane Familiar Stone
1 Other
Arcane Golem
1 Other
Arcane Lure
10098Vendor Other
Arcane Nullifier
1 Other
Arcane Prevention Orb
1Vendor Other
Arcane Propellant
9090Vendor Other
Arcane Propellant
9090Vendor Other
Arcane Rune
1Quest Other
Arcane Splint
110101Vendor Bandage
Arcberry Juice
110105Vendor Food & Drink
Arcfruit Sangree
110100Vendor Food & Drink
1 Other
Archivist Melinda
1 Other
Archivist Zubashi
1 Other
Archmage Omniara
1 Other
Archmage Vargoth's Journal
1 Archmage Vargoth's Journal Other
Archon Torias
1 Other
Arcway Bisque
110105Vendor Food & Drink
Area 52 Special
6058Created Other
Argent Healing Potion
6555 Potion
Argent Mana Potion
6855 Potion
Arnak's Hoof
1 Other
Aromatic Honey Brew
5 Other
Aromatic Honey Brew
5 Other
Aromatic Murloc Slime
10098 Salteye Skrog-Hunter Other
1 Other
Ascendant's Codex
1 Ascendant's Codex Other
Ashilvara, Verse 1
1 Other
Ashmane Steak
1 Ashmane Boar Other
Ashran Bandage
100100 Bandage
Ashran Healing Tonic
100100 Potion
Ashtongue Warriors
1 Other
Assorted Glyphs
1Crafted Explosives and Devices
Astral Healing Potion
110110Crafted, Looted Potion
Astral Mana Potion
110110 Potion