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Name Slots Level Source Type
Green Woolen Bag
815Crafted Bag
Red Leather Bag
815Looted, Fished Bag
Gnoll Hide Sack
815 Bag
Captain Sanders' Booty Bag
815 Bag
Brown Leather Satchel
815Vendor Bag
Blue Leather Bag
815Looted, Fished Bag
Green Leather Bag
815Looted, Fished Bag
White Leather Bag
815Looted, Fished Bag
Red Woolen Bag
815Crafted Bag
Nolkai's Bag
815 Nolkai's Box Bag
Melithar's Supply Bag
65 Bag
Courier's Bag
61 Bag
Red Linen Bag
65Crafted Bag
Old Moneybag
65 Bag
Kodo Hide Bag
65Crafted Bag
Small Black Pouch
65Looted, Fished Bag
Small Green Pouch
65Looted, Fished Bag
Small Brown Pouch
65Looted, Fished, Vendor Bag
Small Red Pouch
65Looted, Fished Bag
Small Blue Pouch
65Looted, Fished Bag
Linen Bag
65Crafted Bag
Bag of Thorns
65 Bag
Pumpkin Bag
65 Bag
Coldridge Mountaineer's Pouch
65 Coldridge Mountaineer's Pouch Bag
Grape-Picking Sack
65 Bag
Salvager's Bag
61 Bag
Dusty Bag
65 Bag
Airfield Courier Bag
65 Bag
Foul Bag
65 Bag
Sea Witch's Bag
65 Bag
Bank Robber's Bag
65 Bag
Merchant's Satchel
61 Bag
Fatcandle Bag
41Looted Bag
Magister's Pouch
41 Bag
Empty Draenei Supply Pouch
45 Bag
Sunstrider Book Satchel
41 Bag
Penny Pouch
1Looted Bag
Advanced Refrigeration Unit
3690Crafted Cooking Bag
Portable Refrigerator
3285Vendor Cooking Bag
Reusable Tote Bag
321 Cooking Bag
Portable Refrigerator
2885 Cooking Bag
Otherworldly Bag
3683Crafted Enchanting Bag
Mysterious Bag
3280Crafted Enchanting Bag
Spellfire Bag
2895Crafted Enchanting Bag
Big Bag of Enchantment
2465Crafted Enchanting Bag
Enchanter's Satchel
2060Vendor Enchanting Bag
"Carriage - Exclusive" Enchanting Evening Purse
2035Vendor Enchanting Bag
Enchanted Runecloth Bag
2055Crafted Enchanting Bag
Enchanted Mageweave Pouch
1645Crafted Enchanting Bag
Elementium Toolbox
3685Crafted Engineering Bag
Titanium Toolbox
3275Crafted Engineering Bag
Fel Iron Toolbox
2465Crafted Engineering Bag
Heavy Toolbox
2060Vendor Engineering Bag
"Carriage - Maddy" High Tech Bag
2060Vendor Engineering Bag
Pilgrim's Bounty
1Quest Engineering Bag
Luxurious Silk Gem Bag
3685Crafted Gem Bag
Bag of Jewels
2465Crafted Gem Bag
Gem Pouch
2060Vendor Gem Bag
"Carriage - Exclusive" Gem Studded Clutch
2060Vendor Gem Bag
Hyjal Expedition Bag
3683Crafted Herb Bag
Emerald Bag
3280Crafted Herb Bag
Mycah's Botanical Bag
2875Crafted Herb Bag
Satchel of Cenarius
2465Crafted Herb Bag
"Carriage - Going Green" Herb Tote Bag
2035Vendor Herb Bag
Cenarion Herb Bag
2055Crafted Herb Bag
Herb Pouch
1220Vendor Herb Bag
Royal Scribe's Satchel
3685Crafted Inscription Bag
Burnished Inscription Bag
36100Crafted Inscription Bag
Crafty's Bottomless Inscription Bag
3285Unobtainable Inscription Bag
Pack of Endless Pockets
3275Crafted Inscription Bag
"Carriage - Xandera" Student's Satchel
2035Vendor Inscription Bag
Scribe's Satchel
1615Vendor Inscription Bag
Magnificent Hide Pack
3690Crafted Leatherworking Bag
Burnished Leather Bag
36100Crafted Leatherworking Bag
Trapper's Traveling Pack
2880Crafted Leatherworking Bag
Bag of Many Hides
2470Crafted Leatherworking Bag
"Carriage - Meeya" Leather Bag
2035Vendor Leatherworking Bag
Leatherworker's Satchel
2065Crafted Leatherworking Bag
Triple-Reinforced Mining Bag
3685Crafted Mining Bag
Burnished Mining Bag
36100Crafted Mining Bag
Mammoth Mining Bag
3275Crafted Mining Bag
Reinforced Mining Bag
2865Crafted Mining Bag
Mining Sack
2060Vendor Mining Bag
"Carriage - Christina" Precious Metal Bag
2035Vendor Mining Bag
Lure Master Tackle Box
3685Crafted Tackle Box