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Name Level Req. Level DPS Speed Slot Source Type
Keleseth's Persuader
10.43.60Two Hand Two-handed Sword
Keen Axe
38336.72.60Main HandLooted One-handed Axe
Jammed Pocketknife
2709021.11.80One HandLooted Dagger
Jagged Throwing Axe
55501.80Unobtainable Thrown
Jagged Guillotine
96621.70Unobtainable, Looted Thrown
Jagged Axe
565110.82.60Main HandLooted One-handed Axe
Jadrag's Slicers
541.70Unobtainable Thrown
Irontree Knives
312841.70Unobtainable, Looted Thrown
Iron Executioner's Axe
5169062.43.60Two Hand Two-handed Axe
Invisible Axe
815713.02.60One Hand One-handed Axe
Inquisitors Wand
10.32.00Ranged Wand
Inlaid Knives
400871.70Unobtainable Thrown
Improvised Weapon
10015.55.00One Hand One-handed Mace
Illidari Warglaive
10.32.60Main Hand Warglaives
Icesmashing Mace
1257421.73.60Two HandLooted, Gathered, Pick Pocketed Two-handed Mace
Ice-Pitted Blade
1257416.82.60Main HandLooted One-handed Sword
Ice Cleaver
1257421.73.60Two HandLooted Two-handed Axe
Hunting Knife
23183.81.80One HandLooted, Skinned Dagger
Hunter's Scout
162751.70Unobtainable, Looted Thrown
Howling Throwing Knives
134681.70Unobtainable, Looted Thrown
Helya's Wrath
10.32.60Off Hand One-handed Sword
Hefty War Axe
32277.03.60Two HandLooted Two-handed Axe
Heavy War Staff
474211.73.60Two HandLooted Staff
Heavy Throwing Dagger
27221.80Unobtainable Thrown
Heavy Hammer
1272.12.60Main HandLooted, Pick Pocketed One-handed Mace
Heavy Flint Axe
48439.32.60Main HandLooted, Pick Pocketed One-handed Axe
Heartseeker Knives
114681.70Unobtainable, Looted Thrown
Hateful Gladiator's War Edge
200801.90Unobtainable Thrown
Hardened Vrykul Throwing Axe
187782.20Unobtainable Thrown
Half-Spent Ritual Chalk
38010024.42.00RangedLooted Wand
Half-Handle Mace
2709021.12.60Main HandLooted One-handed Mace
Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps
10.32.60Main Hand One-handed Sword
Gouging Pick
22173.62.60Main HandLooted, Pick Pocketed One-handed Axe
Gluth's Fetching Knife
264801.80Unobtainable Thrown
Gluth's Fetching Knife
251801.80Unobtainable, Looted Thrown
Gleaming Throwing Axe
40351.80Unobtainable Thrown
Glassweb Spider Fangs
471.70Unobtainable Thrown
Gladiator's War Edge
Season 1
123701.90Unobtainable Thrown
391852.10Unobtainable Thrown
378852.10Unobtainable Thrown
Garona's Spare Star
3181.70Unobtainable Thrown
Furious Gladiator's War Edge
Season 6
232801.90Unobtainable Thrown
Frozen Throwing Blades
182801.70Unobtainable, Looted Thrown
1800.43.60Two HandUnobtainable Two-handed Sword
Frost-Encrusted Rifle
1257421.73.00RangedLooted, Pick Pocketed Gun
Fractured War Mace
2057926.83.60Two HandLooted Two-handed Mace
Forsaken Throwing Knife
75701.80Unobtainable Thrown
Forked Shuriken
102641.70Unobtainable, Looted Thrown
10.32.60One Hand One-handed Mace
Foam Sword
11.80Two HandCreated Miscellaneous
Foam Sword
11.80Two Hand Miscellaneous
Foam Sword
11.80Two Hand Miscellaneous
Foam Sword
11.80Two Hand Miscellaneous
Foam Sword
11.80Two Hand Miscellaneous
Flying Knives
166761.70Unobtainable, Looted Thrown
Flightblade Throwing Axe
60552.20Unobtainable Thrown
Fleshwerk Throwing Glaive
1741.60Unobtainable Thrown
Flamewashed Mace
1757420.72.60Main HandLooted One-handed Mace
Fixing Axe
34510024.02.60Main HandLooted One-handed Axe
Fitz's Throwing Axe
1032.20Unobtainable Thrown
Fist of Molten Fury
10.32.40One Hand Fist Weapon
Fisherman Knife
1492.41.80One HandLooted Dagger
Fireblackened Mace
2057920.82.60Main HandLooted One-handed Mace
Fine Pointed Dagger
44398.41.80One HandLooted Dagger
Fine Longsword
524710.12.60Main HandLooted One-handed Sword
Fel-Tipped Claw
10015.55.00One Hand Fist Weapon
Felsteel Whisper Knives
110702.20Unobtainable Thrown
10.32.60One Hand One-handed Sword
Fel Tipped Dart
90601.70Unobtainable, Looted Thrown
Fel Lord Axe
10.43.60Two Hand Polearm
Fel Lord Axe
10.43.60Two Hand Two-handed Axe
Fel Axe
10.43.00Two Hand Polearm
Feeble Sword
831.42.60One HandLooted One-handed Sword
Feeble Shortbow
1382.83.00RangedLooted Bow
Fanged Red Glaive
750427.72.60One Hand Warglaives
Fanged Green Glaive
750427.72.60One Hand Warglaives
Extinguished Wrathblade
38010024.42.60Main HandLooted One-handed Sword
Eroded Axe
696412.82.60Main HandLooted One-handed Axe
Eredar Staff
705100181.13.60Two Hand Staff
Enti's Quenched Sword
2007026.83.60Two Hand Kreug Oathbreaker Two-handed Sword
Engraved Knives
429881.70Unobtainable Thrown
Enchanted Thorium Blades
60552.20Unobtainable Thrown
Empowered Orange Glaive
750427.72.60One Hand Warglaives
Empowered Green Glaive
750427.72.60One Hand Warglaives
Dusksteel Throwing Knife
521.80Unobtainable Thrown
Dulled Shiv
1257416.81.80One HandLooted Dagger
Dreghood Throwing Axe
117691.70Unobtainable, Looted Thrown
10.32.60One Hand One-handed Sword
Dragonwreck Throwing Axe
359852.20Unobtainable, Looted Thrown
Dragon's Teeth
170771.70Unobtainable Thrown
Draconic Femur
10015.55.00One Hand One-handed Mace
Draconic Avenger
1600.42.80Two Hand Two-handed Axe
Dorian's Prybar
1622.40Unobtainable Thrown
Distracting Blades
115702.00Unobtainable Thrown
Dirty Blunderbuss
18133.83.00RangedLooted Gun
Deteriorating Blade
696412.82.60Main HandLooted One-handed Sword
Depleted Phaseblade
38010024.41.80Main HandLooted Dagger
Dense War Staff
696416.53.60Two HandLooted Staff
Demon-Fused Glaive
750427.72.60One Hand Warglaives
Defunct Void Harvester
38010031.33.60Two HandLooted Staff