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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Contract: Milhouse Manastorm
1 Other
Contract: Morketh Bladehowl
1Vendor Other
Contract: Mulverick
1 Other
Contract: Nat Pagle
1 Other
Contract: Olin Umberhide
1 Other
Contract: Penny Clobberbottom
1Vendor Other
Contract: Phylarch the Evergreen
1 Other
Contract: Pitfighter Vaandaam
1Vendor Other
Contract: Pleasure-Bot 8000
1 Other
Contract: Professor Felblast
1 Other
Contract: Qiana Moonshadow
1 Other
Contract: Rangari Chel
1Vendor Other
Contract: Rangari Erdanii
1Vendor Other
Contract: Ranger Kaalya
1Vendor Other
Contract: Roona
1 Other
Contract: Rulkan
1 Other
Contract: Shadow Hunter Rala
1 Other
Contract: Shelly Hamby
1 Other
Contract: Soulbinder Tuulani
1 Other
Contract: Spirit of Bony Xuk
1Vendor Other
Contract: Talonpriest Ishaal
1 Other
Contract: Thisalee Crow
1 Other
Contract: Tormmok
1 Other
Contract: Ulna Thresher
1Unobtainable Other
Contract: Vindicator Heluun
1 Other
Contract: Vindicator Onaala
1Vendor Other
Contract: Vivianne
1 Other
Contract: Weldon Barov
1 Other
Contract: Ziri'ak
1Vendor Other
Cooper's Bindings
680Wrists Challiane Vineyards Leather
Copper Battle Axe
138Two HandCrafted Two-handed Axe
Copper Chain Vest
105ChestCrafted Mail
Coppercloth Gloves
1510HandsLooted Cloth
Coral Adder Medallion
384Trinket Love's Labor Trinket
Coral Band
2520FingerLooted Finger
Coral Beads
11769NeckLooted Neck
Coral Claymore
1510Two Hand Slark Two-handed Sword
Coralplate Chestguard
810101ChestLooted Plate
Coralplate Gauntlets
810101HandsLooted Plate
Coralplate Girdle
810101WaistLooted Plate
Coralplate Helmet
810101HeadLooted Plate
Coralplate Legguards
810101LegsLooted Plate
Coralplate Pauldrons
810101ShouldersLooted Plate
Coralplate Sandstompers
810101FeetLooted Plate
Coralplate Wristguard
810101WristsLooted Plate
Cord Bracers
10Wrists Mist Cloth
Cord of Supremacy
33Waist Details of the Attack Mail
Cord of the Ancient Horn
20Waist The Offering to Azshara Mail
Cord of the Ascetic
25Waist Bad Medicine Leather
Cord of the Forgotten Pool
14Waist Kolkar Leaders Mail
Cord of the Ring
105Waist Murkblood Corrupters Mail
Cord of the Sepulcher
13Waist Hair of the Dog Mail
Cord of Tragic Memory
10Waist A Sacred Burial Leather
Cords of Duplicity
158Waist So Far, So Bad Cloth
Core of Ar'kelos
108Trinket Ar'kelos the Guardian Trinket
Corecrusher Gloves
272Hands The Earth Rises Leather
Coreforged Girdle
272Waist Crushing the Cores Mail
Coregrip Gauntlets
318Hands Any Portal in a Storm Plate
Corin's Handguards
20Hands Clearing the Way Plate
Cormorant Bracelets
17077WristsLooted Mail
Cormorant Chain Vest
17077ChestLooted Mail
Cormorant Footwraps
17077FeetLooted Mail
Cormorant Gloves
17077HandsLooted Mail
Cormorant Helm
17077HeadLooted Mail
Cormorant Leggings
17077LegsLooted Mail
Cormorant Mantle
17077ShouldersLooted Mail
Cormorant Waistband
17077WaistLooted Mail
Corpse Dragger's Shield
53Off Hand Shy-Rotam Shield
Corpse Harvester
5550One HandLooted One-handed Axe
Corpsebeast Armbands
45Wrists The Corpsebeasts Leather
Corpseburner's Mantle
44Shoulders Duskwing, Oh How I Hate Thee... Cloth
Corpsepump Belt
30Waist If They're Just Going to Leave Them Lying Around... Plate
Corpseweed Hewer
24One Hand A Deadly Vine One-handed Axe
Corpseweed Sickle
24One Hand A Deadly Vine One-handed Sword
Corpulent Shoulderpads
43Shoulders The Corpulent One Cloth
Corrahn's Cloak
24Back Breaking the Hand Back
Corroded Eternium Rose
Artifact Power
100 Other
Corroded Hacker
42990One HandLooted One-handed Axe
Corroded Helmet
40Head Corrosion Prevention Plate
Corroded Hologram Crystal
Artifact Power
110Looted Other
Corrupted Band
6055FingerVendor Finger
Corrupted Blackwood Staff
56Two Hand Into The Maw of Madness Staff
Corrupted Eggshell Drape
312Back The Root of the Corruption Back
Corrupted Grovewalker Core
650 Fel Relic
Corrupted Ley-Crystal
650 Hunger's End Fel Relic
Corrupted Scythes
18280One HandLooted Fist Weapon
Corrupter's Shanker
174One HandQuest Dagger
Corruption of the Bloodtotem
810101Looted Fel Relic
Corruption Resistant Gloves
318Hands Magmalord Falthazar Cloth
Corruptor's Scourgestone
1Looted Quest
Corsair's Britches
680Legs Making the World Safe for Profit Leather
Corsair's Spyglass
680101TrinketLooted Trinket
Cosmologist's Grips
22Hands Classy Glass Mail
Council Choker
437Neck The Klaxxi Council Neck
Councillor's Boots
5651FeetLooted Cloth
Councillor's Circlet
5752HeadLooted Cloth
Councillor's Cloak
5348BackLooted Back
Councillor's Cuffs
5449WristsLooted Cloth
Councillor's Gloves
5550HandsLooted Cloth
Councillor's Pants
5853LegsLooted Cloth