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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Felsoul Shoulderpads
870110Shoulders Cloth
Felsoul Shoulderpads
640100Shoulders Cloth
Felsoul Shoulderpads
600100Shoulders Cloth
Felsoul Shoulderpads
48390Shoulders Cloth
Felsoul Shoulderpads
48390Shoulders Cloth
Felsoul Staff
870110Two Hand Staff
Felsoul Staff
640100Two Hand Staff
Felsoul Staff
48390Two Hand Staff
Felsoul Staff
48390Two Hand Staff
Felsoul Stone of Destruction
870110Trinket Trinket
Felsoul Stone of Destruction
640100Trinket Trinket
Felsoul Stone of Destruction
48390Trinket Trinket
Felsoul Stone of Destruction
48390Trinket Trinket
Felsoul Wand
870110Ranged Wand
Felsoul Wand
640100Ranged Wand
Felsoul Wand
48390Ranged Wand
Felsoul Wand
48390Ranged Wand
Felsoul Wristwraps
870110Wrists Cloth
Felsoul Wristwraps
640100Wrists Cloth
Felsoul Wristwraps
600100Wrists Cloth
Felsoul Wristwraps
48390Wrists Cloth
Felsoul Wristwraps
48390Wrists Cloth
Felstalker's Ring
Artifact Power
100 Other
Felsteel Bar
60Crafted Metal & Stone
Felsteel Shield Spike
70Crafted Shield/Off-hand
1Looted, Vendor Other
Felstone Bindings
8458WristsLooted Mail
Felstone Chain Vest
8458ChestLooted Mail
Felstone Gauntlets
8458HandsLooted Mail
Felstone Good Luck Charm
54Neck Neck
Felstone Greaves
8458FeetLooted Mail
Felstone Helm
8458HeadLooted Mail
Felstone Leggings
8458LegsLooted Mail
Felstone Reaver
6156One HandLooted One-handed Axe
Felstone Spaulders
8458ShouldersLooted Mail
Felstone Waistband
8458WaistLooted Mail
Felstrom's Gauntlets
3227Hands Big Crate of Salvage Mail
Felsworn Legplates
810101LegsLooted Plate
Fel-Touched Axe
8458Two HandLooted Two-handed Axe
Fel-Touched Chronoshard
110Looted Quest
Fel-Touched Crate of Battlefield Goods
800Quest Junk
Fel-Touched Mana Gems
650 Hunger's End Fel Relic
Fel-Touched Riverstone
650 Fel Relic
Fel-Treated Belt
680101WaistLooted Leather
Fel-Treated Boots
680101FeetLooted Leather
Fel-Treated Bracers
680101WristsLooted Leather
Fel-Treated Chestguard
680101ChestLooted Leather
Fel-Treated Gauntlets
680101HandsLooted Leather
Fel-Treated Hood
680101HeadLooted Leather
Fel-Treated Legguards
680101LegsLooted Leather
Fel-Treated Spaulders
680101ShouldersLooted Leather
101Looted, Gathered Herb
Felwort Seed
101Looted, Gathered Herb
Fel-Wrought Halberd
9662Two HandLooted Polearm
Femurbreak Stompers
312FeetQuest Plate
Femur-Shafted Mace
16275Two HandLooted Two-handed Mace
Fen Keeper Robe
25Chest Cloth
Fen Ring
3732FingerLooted Finger
Fen Strider's Bracer
90Wrists An Unnatural Drought Mail
Fen Strider's Footguards
80Feet Have You Ever Seen One of These? Plate
Fencer's Nimblefingers
318Hands Dark Assassins Leather
Fenclaw Armor
9662ChestLooted Mail
Fenclaw Bindings
9662WristsLooted Mail
Fenclaw Fists
9662HandsLooted Mail
Fenclaw Footwraps
9662FeetLooted Mail
Fenclaw Helm
9662HeadLooted Mail
Fenclaw Legguards
9662LegsLooted Mail
Fenclaw Mantle
9662ShouldersLooted Mail
Fenclaw Waistband
9662WaistLooted Mail
Feral Bindings
1611WristsLooted Leather
Feral Blade
138One HandVendor One-handed Sword
Feral Buckler
1914Off HandLooted Shield
Feral Cloak
1510BackLooted Back
Feral Cord
1712WaistLooted Leather
Feral Gloves
1813HandsLooted Leather
Feral Harness
2217ChestLooted Leather
Feral Leggings
2015LegsLooted Leather
Feral Shoes
1813FeetLooted Leather
Feral Vestment
27Chest King of the Foulweald Mail
Feral Warp-Staff
11468Two HandLooted Staff
Feralfen Amice
9963ShouldersLooted Cloth
Feralfen Beastmaster's Hauberk
102Chest Messenger to the Feralfen Mail
Feralfen Champion's Boots
96Feet Messenger to the Feralfen Plate
Feralfen Cuffs
9963WristsLooted Cloth
Feralfen Hand
9963HandsLooted Cloth
Feralfen Hood
9963HeadLooted Cloth
Feralfen Jerkin
9963ChestLooted Cloth
Feralfen Mystic's Handwraps
96Hands Messenger to the Feralfen Cloth
Feralfen Pants
9963LegsLooted Cloth
Feralfen Sandals
9963FeetLooted Cloth
Feralfen Sash
9963WaistLooted Cloth
Feralfen Skulker's Belt
102Waist Messenger to the Feralfen Leather
Fernpulse Jerkin
59Chest Leather
Ferocious Bands
114Wrists Escape from the Staging Grounds Leather
Ferocious Crossbow
13869RangedLooted Crossbow
Ferocity of Kor'gall
530Trinket The Axe of Kor'gall Trinket
Ferrous Hammer
16275One HandLooted One-handed Mace
Fertile Soil
870101 Life Relic
Fertile Soil
810101Looted Life Relic
Fess' Chain Apron
24Chest A Deadly Vine Mail