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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Pirate's Eye Patch
52Head Leather
Tempered Armor Patch
50 Other
Patch of Risen Saber Pelt
44 Shadow Relic
Gar'rok's Patchwork Cloak
44Back Back
Tattered Eye Patch
40 Junk
Fake Eye Patch
40 Junk
Patch of Fine Goat Hair
40 Junk
Patchwork Flesh Armor
39Chest Mail
Holistic Patchwork Breeches
3327Legs Leather
Holistic Patchwork Breeches
3327Legs Leather
Patched Trapper Pauldrons
33Shoulders Mail
Patchhide Pants
33Legs Leather
Winterfin Patch of Honor
3327Head Leather
Patched Cape
3126Back Back
Patch of Fel Hide
27 Leather
Patch of Crystal Infused Leather
25 Leather
Patch of Thick Clefthoof Leather
25 Leather
One-Eye Patch
20Head Mail
Other-Eye Patch
20Head Leather
Steel-Patched Armbands
18Wrists Mail
Steel-Patched Belt
18Waist Plate
Patched Leather Bracers
127Wrists Leather
Patched Leather Jerkin
127Chest Leather
Patched Leather Shoulderpads
127Shoulders Leather
Patched Leather Belt
116Waist Leather
Patched Leather Boots
117Feet Leather
Patched Leather Pants
116Legs Leather
Patched Leather Gloves
106Hands Leather
Patched Cloak
95Back Back
Patched Pants
5Legs Leather
Patchwork Shoes
53Feet Cloth
Patchwork Belt
42Waist Cloth
Patchwork Bracers
42Wrists Cloth
Patchwork Pants
42Legs Cloth
Patchwork Armor
32Chest Cloth
Patchwork Cloak
3Back Back
Patchwork Gloves
32Hands Cloth
Memory of the Duskwalker's Patch
1 Quest
Captain Noteo's Unused Eye Patch
1Head Cosmetic
Clotting Patches
1 Quest
Deepvein's Patch Kit
1 Quest
Hatecoil Scale Patch
1 Quest
Patch of Duskwing's Fur
1 Quest
Patch of Fine Goat Hair
1 Quest
Patch of Tainted Skin
1 Quest
Patched Mine Sweeper
1 Quest
Patched Shadowmoon Cloth
1 Quest
Patchwork Hut
1 Other
Soulmending Patches
1 Quest
Patch of Bat Hair
1 Junk
Patch of Fine Fur
1 Junk
Patched Wand
1 Junk
Soft Patch of Fur
1 Junk