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    As already mentioned, a rabbit is a great choice against the spirit. I personally use my cricket for this fight.
    The passive critter ability breaks you out of stuns, but using cocoon right off the bat will block the next attack which (in my experience) is always Rupture, its hardest hitting move.

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    Make sure the toon you're using isn't phased with the Zandalari questlines from 4.1.
    If they are, you won't be able to see the pets, or any other animals in the area.

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    They spawn all around Karazhan, a few even on top of the lower towers.
    It's best to look for them in the early hours or after maintenance, when there aren't many people around. Otherwise you'll have to depend on luck.

    While you're there, don't forget to defeat the nearby pet tamer and get your daily supply sack!

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    Doesn't exist in the game, unfortunately.
    And with Firelands over, I doubt we'll be seeing anymore fire hawks in the near future.

    But if you're lucky enough to have the Pureblood Fire Hawk and a Disgusting Oozeling by your side, you can see what might be like to own it.

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    I parked an alt in the spawn area on a medium pop server and logged in about 10 minutes before the server shut down for maintenance. There was no one else in the area, and I found one in the north, hiding behind a tree.
    My other realms are high pop, and there's always at least 6 people circling around the place waiting for spawns. So realistically there's no point in camping them if that's how it is.

    I'd suggest maybe making a death knight on a low/medium pop server and just leaving it in Felwood to log in time to time. Maybe if you stay up late, or have an early morning shift, take a few minutes to sign in and check the area.

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