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    New to the 2021  Brewfest event, this 1-hour buff improves the amount of Guest Happiness gained while in the Ember Court scenario and Friendship reputation for the Tribute phase.  It can stack to 20, for a total of 300%.


    The related objects are located throughout the Ember Court, though several can be immediately found in Theotar's area.  If you have a lot of  Ambassador's Reserve, I recommend grabbing several stacks to give an early boost to Guest Happiness.  Don't worry about missing out on bonus GH!  Save getting the full amount of stacks towards the end of the festivities since Friendship is the real goal here.


    I obtained 20 stacks of the buff which resulted in 22,000 rep.   This only really benefited two of the guests I had at that time, as one was already Best Friend and another very close to BF status.  So to make the most out of this, you'll need to balance Guest preferences against those whom you have the least status with.



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    If A Matter of Stealth is active while this Night Fae world quest is up, just talk to Amberfoot to get the disguise so the elite mobs won't zerg you.  The disguise itself doesn't interfere with using the flute and interacting with the Burrowing Gormling.

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    Removed sometime during patch 9.1.0 due to the deprecation and removal of  Obliterum Ash and  Obliterum.

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    A nice little tip:  Click the Burrowing Mite Leg, then mount up before pulling it out.  Doing so prevents that annoying mob from spawning.

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    General Draven is not wrong when he says that "their aim leaves something to be desired."  But no worries, there is a handy trick to it!  Angle your camera view such that you are looking straight down.  When your character is directly over the blue arrow indicator on the ground below, immediately use the special action button.  It's sometimes close, but your supply box will always get credit.  (If your latency is not good, you may either want to throw the box sooner or outright skip this world quest.)

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    This beautiful shield has a chance to drop from the rare elite Eliminator Sotiros within the Citadel of Loyalty in Bastion.  Sotiros is summoned along with another rare elite, Larionrider Orstus, so be sure to bring friends -- including a tank and healer for dispels -- along!


    Summoning the pair requires a player who's a member of the Kyrian covenant that has unlocked Rank 3 of the Anima Conductor and has anima channeling to the Citadel of Loyalty.  That person then needs to ring the Black Bell.  If you're not a Kyrian, you can try looking for a posting in the Custom Premade section of Group Finder since the mobs cannot be soloed at this time.


    Note: The shield can drop for anyone regardless of their covenant choice.

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    Given temporarily while on the Night Fae covenant quests Break a Leg, The Fourth Wall, er, War, and What's My Motivation?.

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    Used for WoW's 15th Anniversary.

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    Used for internal purposes only; it is not actually available to players.

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    Removed from the game in patch 8.0.1.

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    Never used.

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    This item will be removed from the vendors and become only available through the Black Market Auction House when Patch 9.0 is released.  Those who buy the mount prior to Shadowlands will be given the feat of strength achievement  Conspicuous Consumption.

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    Moved to legacy in patch 8.3.0 to reflect Sylvanas' removal as a faction leader.

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    This item drops from N'Zoth cultist mobs within the minor Vision of Uldum.

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