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    Only useful for the invasion world quests in those zones.  If an invasion isn't active, delete the item.

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    As the latest item level squish, this achievement now requires item level 100 or lower.  Make sure you are not using heirloom gear in any slot.  At character level 80, heirloom item level is 103.  If you are struggling with this achievement, you may consider reading this.  /salute

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    You must have the Tailoring profession and be max skill level (150) in Zandalari or Kul Tiran Tailoring in order to begin the quest chain that teaches you how to craft this item.  The quest chain begins in Dazar'alor with Timeweaver Delormi or in Boralus with Daniel Brineweaver.  The quest chain itself isn't particularly difficult; time spent traveling is likely the largest investment for non-mage players.


    The special material components hint at where they drop from, but here is the cheat-sheet.  Most are easy to acquire.

    •  트롤 왕조의 정수 is looted from the chest that spawns after defeating King Rastakhan in the raid instance, Battle for Dazar'alor.  Raid difficulty does not matter.
    •  심해의 정수 is looted from the... kelp that spawns after defeating Viq'Goth in the 5-man dungeon, Siege of Boralus.  Must be done on at least Heroic difficulty.
    •  위풍당당한 로아의 정수 is obtained by killing and looting Rezan in the 5-man dungeon,  Atal'Dazar.  Can be done in Normal difficulty.
    •  사막의 정수 is looted from the chest that spawns after saving Avatar of Sethraliss in the 5-man dungeon, Temple of Sethraliss.  Can be done on Normal difficulty.

    The expulsom is what sucks if you haven't kept up on the world quests that occasionally provide it as a reward.  :(


    Crafting this item will award the achievement,  Massive Tool.

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    Don't use any ability that may be classified as Immunity - my Ice Block cleansed the two debuffs I had collected thus far.  1.5 hours wasted.  (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻  I've read that changing class specialization will also reset your Strain.

    The debuffs needed are:

    There are other debuffs, and it is random which debuff your character gets when they reach 100 Strain.  This achievement takes place in Shrine of the Storm, Stormsong Valley.

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    See Parting Mists.

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    Entrance to Blackrock Descent in Burning Steppes.

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    Tank this type of add away from the other, or your raid will die.  Horribly.

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    If you are having difficulty with this quest, check your character's reputation status with Cenarion Expedition.  You must be Friendly before Ashyen and Keleth will offer to bless you.

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    The ring dropped from rare mob Geomancer Flintdagger prior to Cataclysm.  It remained unobtainable until Legion via the Salvage Yard garrison building.  With the end of the Legion expansion, it is back to unobtainable status again.

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    The location of possible drowned altars appears on your character's mini-map.  It is not guaranteed that you will find an altar at that spot and the game will you tell you that... once you've killed the mobs in that spot, of course.  Simply right-click the orb on that altar and it will be cleansed.


    The  Holy Water provided for the quest does absolutely nothing, by the way.  I tried standing directly on top of the altar and still nothing.  Not that the player needs it to in order to complete the quest, but I am miffed at the sloppiness.

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    The vendors for the associated commendation badges are NPCs near the quest-givers for your "championed" faction at the Argent Tournament.  You cannot purchase the badges unless you are an Argent Tournament Champion for that faction.

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    Must kill 20x Mindless Troll.  The fastest way to accomplish this is to go for the large clumps on the west side of Darkspear Training Ground (around the T in Training on the map),

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    I completed the quest, and the game says the item's appearance was added to my collection - but it is not in my inventory and trying to find it in the Wardrobe turns up nothing.  I will create a support ticket and see what's up.  Someone poke me on MMOC if I forget to update this comment.

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    This is not an actual item at this time.  It's someone's private-server data.

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    Honorable Combatant's Salutary Scepter is the name.

    Simca: yeah, there's no great way to figure out language of dbcache, so if we see more of a result from a weird language, we get that

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