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    posted a message on Mother's Skinning Knife

    Do NOT use this toy if you want to skill up in Skinning!

    Your character will not earn any skill points from 'skinning' corpses using the toy.  Seriously, Blizz?

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    Almost entirely solo-able using a moth battle pet with the following abilities:  Alpha Strike, Cocoon Strike, Moth Dust.  (2,1,2)

    Use Alpha Strike as the primary attack, saving Cocoon Strike to block heavy-hitting abilities such as Scuttles' Dive ability.  Use Moth Dust only if will be the killing blow - the enemy will otherwise be swapped out with another pet if it is slept.


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    posted a message on Sternfathom's Pet Journal

     Only works in Azsuna.  Summons Shipwrecked Captive.

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    posted a message on Munitions Testing

    Characters with lower item levels will benefit from using the prototype weapon (appears as a special action button), but it is not actually necessary to use the prototype weapon to kill the quest mobs.  Characters with higher item levels will probably find it faster to use class abilities to kill the targets.

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    Fellow mages, here is a helpful tip:  When there is a guard near a notice and you don't feel like fighting the guard, simply polymorph the guard.  It does not cause you to drop your illusion and the guard will not aggro nor cast dispel illusion.  This is true of any Suramar guard (not including the demonic guards).

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    posted a message on Chipped Demonic Key Stone

    This item casts a spell on the player that acts similarly to the paladin class ability,  Divine Shield.

    Your character temporarily drops all threat while  Partial World Shift remains active.  You can use bandages to heal and some teleportation items like  Garrison Hearthstone.  The demons are summoned near the end and have less than 1 million HP.

    According to Aerisot, Chipped Demonic Key Stone can be useful in certain Mage Tower challenge scenarios.

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    posted a message on Bringing Home the Beacon

    From /r/wow, this image shows the areas that correspond to the sub-zone names in the achievement. https://imgur.com/GPVbeNh

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    This is the best "bait" for power-leveling your artifact fishing pole.  Acquire the bait, get on the stone pillar that's just behind the pearl in the Dalaran (Broken Shore) fountain, and use.  As there is nowhere for the murloc to run, the fish it tosses go straight to your bags.

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    posted a message on Arcane Dust

    The only time this Enchanting-related spell was available was on the beta test realms for The Burning Crusade expansion.

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    posted a message on Typewriter

    From Wowpedia:


    This item has an extremely low chance of dropping of monkey mobs acording to the armory.


    This item and it's source is probably a reference to the Infinite monkey theorem stating that a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time would almost certainly end up having typed a given text, such as the complete works of William Shakespeare.

    It should be noted, however, that the Armory has been unreliable in the past.  (See Arcane Dust as a spell reagent for Enchanting as an example.  This is not the sole example, but it came to my mind because I pestered Blizzard for years to fix the listing...)

    As WoWDB and Wowhead have never recorded a player looting this item, and seeing as The Undermine Journal has zero data despite Wowhead using it as a source for the listed Buyout price...  I am tagging this as not available to players.

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    posted a message on Wormhole Generator: Argus

    Wormhole Generator: Argus has been hotfixed today to add character level 110 as a requirement.  It was being abused by players who would train Engineering (the toy only requires a skill level of 1) on an alt, use it to port to Argus, and AFK-leech experience points from Invasion points.


    /u/usagizero sums it up very well:

    Engineering toy, teleports you to Argus, even very low level. Corpse run your way to an invasion, go in. Keep joining parties for that one while never moving in far, rack up xp while afk.

    A youtuber and his friends discovered this, and when he did it there was maybe one or two people doing it. Now, everyone knows about it and there are tons of lowbies doing it, to the point where the actual people doing the invasion are having trouble since there are so few people active.

    I don't know if it's an exploit, but it's definetly[sic] not what was intended. 

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    posted a message on Spell #230508

    Probably a spell that was imperfectly deleted from the data.

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    posted a message on Jade Fragment

    Wearing all heirlooms that also grant 5/10% XP bonus, this item granted 48,437 XP at level 104.

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    posted a message on Luminous Pearl

    I can confirm all of the above.  As for how long it took me to fish up Luminous Pearl: it was about a half-hour (factoring in travel time to fishing pools).  There is very good density of fishing pools in the rivers southwest of Moon Guard Stronghold in Suramar.

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    This NPC ID is being reused for Giant Rat in Patch 7.3.5.  Previously, was Raging Clefthoof (never used in game).

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