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    The screenshot doesn't show it well, but this NPC is massive in size.  Also, if you want to go looking for his voice-over sound files: his name is misspelled as "Haydrius" in the filenames.

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    Theldurin the Lost is one of the special helper NPCs that has a chance to spawn when a player enters the area of Sethria's Roost while on the daily quest The Protectors of Hyjal. His ground mount is the  Black Ram (from when epic mounts did not have armor!) and his flying mount is the  Ebon Gryphon.

    He will sometimes say the following:

    Heeeeere's... Theldurin!

    In Combat
    Look out Ragnaros! You're next!
    Too bad for you... I brought my fists with me!
    Take that, dangerous enemy!

    Wait until the guys hear about this!

    I am very pleased to see Theldurin getting so much attention in Cataclysm. He was among my favorite NPCs in vanilla.

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    His ground mount is the  Brown Horse and his flying mount is the  Swift Green Gryphon. (Thank you, Sanryo.)

    A list of things Linken may say:

    You have my sword. (What plays through my mind every time...)

    In Combat
    Excuuuse me, princess!
    I'm not used to fighting with other people.
    Oh boy! I'm so hungry I could eat a fire elemental!
    Everybody, stop your attack! (When  Reflective Shield is successfully cast)

    Well fought. Farewell, hero.
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    Removed with Cataclysm.

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    Removed with the launch of Cataclysm.  It was one of the two quest reward choices for Venture Company Mining (the old version).

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    Removed with the launch of Cataclysm.  It was one of the two quest reward choices for Venture Company Mining (the old version).

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     Sightless Eye may be acquired from several sources - rare elites, various treasure chests, even purchased (using  Glorious Earwax Candle).


    Upon earning the achievement,  Ratstallion is mailed to your inbox.


    From: Raethan
    Subject: Underbelly's Finest Steed


    We found this creature clawing at an unidentifiable corpse in the back tunnels of the Underbelly, and we were immediately reminded of you.  I sincerely hope you find it to your liking.


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    DO NOT use the special ability that appears when you reach 100% on the world quest.  Find the final portal and use it.

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    During Warlords of DraenorLarge Ogre Chain Armor had a chance to be looted from the Level 3 Salvage Yard crate.  It is once again unobtainable due to Blizzard removing  Big Crate of Salvage and replacing it with  Large Crate of Salvage in the next expansion.  (Collectible BoE items can be a lucrative market, and regular BoE items could be vendored for gold or disenchanted.  Blizzard designers wanted players to move on to current content... and I must admit, gold generation via a player's garrison was a bit out of hand.)

    The model and skin is not unique, but if you are like me and must collect ALL THE THINGS then grab this chestpiece if you see it on the AH.

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    Primary purpose appears to be to give the player a Well Fed buff appropriate to their class (or specialization, if a tank).  It can occasionally have vendor trash, and rarely have an AP token.

    This item can be listed on the Auction House.

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    This rare elite is a direct reference to Jeremy Feasel, a.k.a. @Muffinus on Twitter.  He is primarily responsible for designing the "secrets" in the game; thus, the name of  Carefully Hidden Muffin.  Previous references to Jeremy Feasel are Jeremy Feasel and Christoph VonFeasel.

    The strategy for defeating Feasel the Muffin Thief is very simple. Do not interrupt  Burrow.  Let him burrow and then run out in front of the visual effect of his Burrow.  This will knock you up in the air and deal some damage, but it will bring Feasel out from underground and stun him for 20 seconds.

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    See Robert "Chance" Llore.

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    This NPC occasionally will leave his position and spawn Wintron who will kill any Pesky Bug in that vicinity.  This is the only time that the player may interact with him for a flavorful conversation.


    Robert "Chance" Llore:

    Hello. Nice to meet you.


    Player: What are you up to?


    Robert "Chance" Llore:

    This city has a bug problem. They're everywhere!


    I'm an engineer. An automation engineer to be exact. And I'm trying to help out a bit.


    Player: And who's this little fellow?


    Robert "Chance" Llore:

    This is Wintron!


    It seemed a bit tedious to walk around trying to find bugs one by one, so I made him to find them for me.


    Good little guy. Snorts a lot, but that's fine with me.

    Player: Need any help?

    Robert "Chance" Llore:
    Naw, Wintron can handle it.


    Thank you though!


    It was a pleasure meeting you.

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    Invented by Robert "Chance" Llore to exterminate Pesky Bug around Dalaran.  It shoots an arc of lightning at the targeted critter, frying them to death.  It has a nice model and makes adorable robot sounds (same as robot pets like  Warbot ).


    I need this pet, Blizzard. Need. It.

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    Shadow is a battle pet available for purchase from the Blizzard Shop for USD10 and EUR10, respectively.  It was introduced earlier than its initial target date in order to help raise money for hurricane disaster areas left by Hurricane Harvey and other major natural disasters around the world.


    The promotion e-mail itself reads, "Lost on Argus and overtaken by darkness, Shadow can shrug off the void just by being at your side. This latest World of Warcraft companion is an artful fox bound to use its cunning to shift its way through Shadow and Light directly into your heart and home.

    This new, color-changing World of Warcraft in-game pet is up for adoption now in the Blizzard Shop and in-game Shop, and for a limited time, when you purchase this playful companion, you'll be helping a great cause in the process.

    Due to recent natural disasters around the world—and the great needs of those affected—we've decided not to wait for BlizzCon 2017 to release this year's new charity pet. The immediacy of the events, including Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, flooding in South Asia, and countless other crises have shown we need to act now.

    For every Shadow pet purchased from now until December 31, 2017 , 100% of the adoption fee will be split equally between American Red Cross Disaster Relief and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) Disaster Relief Fund to assist with relief efforts around the world.

    You can also gift this cunning companion to a friend so you can save Argus together!"

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