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    This pet can be difficult to get. Just in case you're hunting for it and you see none arround, start killing the Enraged Fire Spirits in the area - this seems to speed up the respawn rate for the little guys as well.

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    This boss is a pain to solo, even for lvl 90 characters if you're a mana user. He basically 2 shots you. Unless you have some cooldowns to burn him fast AND negate damage, you'll have a really tough time to kill him. It's recommended to bring a friend (that does not use mana :P). 

    If you're a boomkin, swap to bear/cat form to avoid his massive damage.

    I managed to solo it as a lock using all my damaging cd's (engineering gloves, demon soul, doomguard, kaffa press) and dark bargain to avoid the damage.

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    This item is very usefull for the all the pet collectors/levellers, transmog gear hunters or explorers out there. You get the item after a long quest chain, whihc was initially used to allow you to entry into Black Temple. 

    The initial quest chain starts from Anchorite Ceyla (Tablets of Baa'ri) for Aldors or from Arcanist Thelis (Tablets of Baa'ri) for Scryers. 

    You will have to go through more dungeons and raids in order to finish the whole chain (The Arcatraz, Serpentshrine Cavern, Battle for Mount Hyjal). Although the quest chain seems to end after you find Seer Udalo in Arcatraz (before the last boss), you get to pick another quest from Seer Olum, found in Serpentshrine Cavern right after you kill Fathom-Lord Karathress.

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    You will get this quest only after finishing the pre-requisite chain. It's part of the long attunement chain for entering into the Black Temple (not needed any more, as you can enter without having finished the quest chain nowadays).

    The initial quest chain starts from Anchorite Ceyla (Tablets of Baa'ri) for Aldors or from Arcanist Thelis (Tablets of Baa'ri) for Scryers.

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    The best crops since 5.2 are the enigma seeds. They increased the "drop" rate for golden lotuses (while nerfing the mote of harmony plants) - so you can get 5-10 golden lotuses/day from your farm.

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    Try to make a dk on The Venture Co - it's a RPPVP server - almost dead. On all my other servers, I've never even seen one, although I had characters parked in felwood and checking quite often. Since I have the dk on this server, think I battled more than 25 of them (in something like 2 weeks) - still hunting for the rare one :P

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    I've got this pet from the AH the other day - haven't been that happy since I bought my Swift Spectral Tiger.

    A couple of things about this pet:

    - it's size was "nerfed" - it's now smaller than it was when first introduced in the game (about half the size of my character height (undead male)

    - it is affected by the magic pet biscuit (making it bigger than me :P) and the magical mini-treat

    - you can not groom it or feed it the happy pet snakc, but you can instead play fetch with it

    - it's the best distraction in a bg - with the biscuit it has the same size of a player, it looks awkard, and you can play fetch with it through the enemy lines - amidst the confussion (enemies will try to select it, asking themselves WTF?!!!) - you can mind your own business and pew-pew. More than this, the ray with which he "collects" the souls is equally distracting :)

    - you can not sell thigs to the pet, so don't plan on running old content and selling trash to this guy

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