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    Technically if you don't feel like killing 10 yaks to finally find the good one, you can use your lasso on a Yak and just run out of combat. He will go back to his spot, and lasso'ing him again will move onto the "next" Yak on the quest list.

    Do it 10 times on the same Yak and you'll be done.

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    Mishi is on your right as you exit the Inn. Ride him to the Isle of Reckoning and kill the monsters there.

    The Prophet is at the top of the hill next to the gong at the north of the island. 

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    The Zandalari Prisoner is upstairs.

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    The Amani Skirmishers are the trolls attacking the village and aren't with the rest of the trolls. You can find them fighting the Pandaren Guards near the quest givers. 

    They will be fighting the Exhausted Defenders that you need to help for It Takes A Village

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