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    Solo Tips for Paladins, This boss is easy to kill by simply buffing with Righteous Fury and keeping the 30 second HoT Eternal flame on yourself. Simply gather 1 (it does not need to be 3) Holy Power, cast thespell on yourself and keep controlling Razorgore, the HoT however low will keep agro off Razorgore, just make sure to stop controlling him every 30 or so seconds to apply it, This also works for Any other class with along hot. 

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    Awarded to players who completed the now unused attunement quests to Black Temple and The Battle for Mount Hyjal Prior too patch 3.0 (Wrath pre patch) and is currently unobtainable for new players. Players with this FoS on any characters will unlock the title "[Name], Hand of A'dal" on all lvl 70 or over characters tied to that Battle.net account. 

    Note if you have any Alts who started and completed some of the attunement quests prior to 3.0 and still have them in their quest logs, this achievement is still available on that toon, This was confirmed as still working as of 4.3 by a guild member, Unsure if it works after 5.0

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    This Achievement is now ONLY available on a single character, If you earn it on one char you will not have it in you FoS Tab on any others, this is to fix a bug where people with alts exulted with the two factions were getting the achievement, which slightly (This is a lie) angered people who spent the time grinding it up. 

    If you are aiming for this achi, before you switch make sure to buy and keep at least one Exulted item from the vendor of the faction you are switching from, such as a tabard or one of the epics offered, it has been known to bug out and not award the achievement when you reach exulted with the second faction, This helps speed things up when sorting it out with the GMs, incase any records get messed up etc (you will NOT be able to use or wear the items, but until the achi pops, it is worth keeping) 

    This happened to myself and a guild member, however, since i kept the Aldor tabbard, I was able to get the achi from a ticket, My friend... well he had two hell grinds. 


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    This is One of the better pets to start off with if you are looking to have an Undead in your team. Beast move to balance Vs Critters, a very good heal/Health buff and relatively easy/Cheap to get, It might feel; weaker due to its lack of Debuffing/Buffing ability's, but its a good Bruiser/Tank especially for someone learning the ropes. 

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