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    Will spawn with patrolling Barrens Giraffes. Not to be confused with Dusthoof Giraffe.

    Spawn rate is reasonably fast only if the patrolling Barrens Giraffes are killed along with the catch.

    Is one of the largest pets in the game, standing as tall as a dwarf without pet biscuits.

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    Obtainable by purchasing the Heart of the Swarm collectors edition or digital deluxe edition.

    He comes with almost all the clickable noises he makes in SC2. He also burrows while summoned, and will baneling roll to catch up to mounted players. 

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    Currently, stomps loudly when walking. Even after catch. 

    Though nice looking, and awesome. The sound can be annoying.

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    Though his tracks are easy to see, his patrol pattern is relatively small. This leaves tracks up longer. He also "skis" down slopes, making tracking him not totally easy.

    He does spend quite a lot of time actually on the mountain where the Seeker's Folly quest is located, though his patrol path does take him somewhat down the mountain in the direction the cart that takes you up.



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