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    Same model as:

    Vestments of the Shifting Sands

    Robes of the Triumvirate

    Robes of the Battleguard

    <dl><dt>Robes of the Guardian Saint</dt><dt></dt><dt></dt><dt></dt></dl>
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    Same model as:

    Robes of Insight

    Robes of the Triumvirate

    Robes of the Battleguard

    <dl><dt>Robes of the Guardian Saint</dt><dt></dt><dt></dt><dt></dt><dt></dt><dt></dt><dt></dt><dt></dt></dl>
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    Same model as:

    Robes of Insight

    Vestments of the Shifting Sands

    Robes of the Battleguard

    <dl><dt>Robes of the Guardian Saint</dt><dt></dt><dt></dt><dt></dt></dl>
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    In each zone, there is exactly the same number and the same types of rares:

    -Pandaren Monks - while killing them, u have to watch out for 3 of their abilities -

    -Spinning Crane Kick - run out while the npc is casting this. Its not interruptible, and will kill u fast if u sand in the 'circle' of ability. The npc is however stunnable while it casts the spell, so if u have any long-distance stuns u can stop the spinning.

    -Healing mists - interruptible heal. Do not let them cast this, as they can top themselves basically with Healing Mists.

    -Chi Burst - if u run too far away (like sprinting to dodge Spinning Kick) the panda will cast this spell, might even take u down with 1 hit. So, do not run further then 15yards from mob.

    -Hozen Warriors

    -Bananarang - The hozen will spin around while casting this, and then release a huge banana in the direction they were facing before the spin. Its deadly, avoid as possible.

    -Going Bananas - Npc will start randomly jumping all around the place u tank it. U cant really think of a way to dodge his jumps (if u get hit by him 'landing' u will get quite deadly damage) so just move away, but not too far to not cause him to reset.

    -Toss Filth- The hozen will constantly cast this on u, increasing the dmg u take. U just have to kill him as fast as u only can:)


    Jinyu Casters

    -Rain Dance - a dangerous cast, the npc causes a huge balls of water to fly around him and hit the ground - if they hit u, u might even get oneshotted. U cant stand in 1 place, simply run around and avoid the splashes, also u can stun the mob while he casts it - only way to stop him, as the cast itself is not interruptible.

    -Torrent- It deals % damage, u cannot allow the mob to cast it. As interruptable, both the casting and later the channeling, u have to pay attention and silence the mob when its time.

    -Water bolt- Also interruptible minor dmg skill, but i would advise u to save a sure interrupt for the torrent. This bolt can be easly outhealed or taken untill the mob is dead.

    The Klaxxi bugs

    -Blade Flurry- powerful frontal attack. Make sure u run on the side or behind the mob, while he casts it.

    -Tornado- Mob will summon tornado right under your feet. At first it will appear as small and barley visible, but after like 2 seconds it will turn into huge tornado. Once the npc is casting, stay in 1 spot, THEN run the hell away. The tornado will not move after u, but will spin around and getting hit by it hurts a lot.

    -Windsong- For 6 seconds the NPC is immune to roots and has increased movement speed and attack speed. Focus on two other abilities, for this one just use some surviving cooldown if necessary.


    Yaungol Warriors

    -Bellowing Rage- A simple dispelable enrage, increasing the mobs dmg done but slowing him.

    -Rushing Charge - If u start from far pull, he will probably charge and stun you for 2 seconds.

    -Stomp - A stomp u have to simply run out of, it doesnt have big radius but deals quite painful dmg.


    The Saurok

    -Grappling Hook- If u run too far, he will grip u back to himself.

    -Vanish- The saurok vanishes - in this case u have to AOE like mad in place he disappeard, to throw him out of stealth. Else, after few seconds he will get behind you and use...

    -Smoked Blade- Which in most cases can be deadly. U can use some surviving cooldown as tank, but this ability clears health of most of the dpsers.

    -Vicious Rend- A bleed u will have on urself for msot of the fight. Stacks, so its again about fast kill of the rare.


    Mogu Casters

    -Shadowbolt- Interruptable, silence/kick as much as u can.

    -Voidcloud -will create a shadow circle under ur feet, dealing quite much damage. when the npc casts it, run a few yards away, so the cloud will not block you from caster if you are melee.


    Mogu Warriors:

    -Summon Quilen- A Quilen companion assists the mogu. Kill it if possible.

    -Devastating Arc- The Mogu will cast a huuge radius aoe cleave in front of himself. Make sure to run BEHIND him, as it reaches also on the sides. Do not tank him on a hill or mountain, as often this ability will bug and reach even behind him.

    -Titanic Stregth- A slight enrage.


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    Granted when you turn in 12 Pit Fighters  for the quest Master Pit Fighter -it will show up once after u turn in the very first trinket.

    You have to gather ONLY 12 trinkets! first quest does not remove it from you bag.

    You will be awarded with Master Pit Fighter.

    Ive got it on my lvl 85 mage in past month. Simply find an abandoned realm (there are sadly many of them) and pick the trinkets at hours like 3am, 6am, 9am... no people around at this time. 90lvls start coming for trinkets usually at 12pm till 9pm.


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    You cannot chose a location with this item, differently to Wormhole generator: Northrend.

    Places u get ported to (randomly):

    Jade Forest - By the flightmaster at Emperor's Omen
    Valley of the Four Winds - On top of the crane statue in the middle of The Heartland
    Krasarang Wilds - Side of a cliff of Narsong Spires overlooking Angler's Wharf
    Kun-lai Summit - Bottom of the lake at Firebough Nook
    Kun-lai Summit - West coast of the Isle of Reckoning
    Townlong Steppes - Cliff on the northwest corner of Sra'vess
    Dread Wastes - The top of the tree at Zan'vess
    Dread Wastes - On a rock at a pond by Rikkitun Village
    Vale of Eternal Blossoms - In the middle of the pagoda at Whitepetal Lake

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    You can train this at any engineering trainer in Northrend. when you use it, it creates a portal which only you can use. It lasts 1 minute.
    Teleports you to:
    Borean Tundra
    51.44 - High in the air above the lake. Safe spot
    Howling Fjord
    58,47 - On a ledge on top of Utgarde Keep.
    Sholazar Basin
    34,39 - On a ledge on the pillar.
    65,31 - On a mountainside.
    Storm peaks
    43,25 - Right above the Meeting Stone for Ulduar.

    Also randomly it can grand u "Underground..." spot. U get ported to Dalaran sewers where u will meet Kaye Toggie. The NPC has 3 schematics for engineering
    1. Mithril Mechanical Dragonling.
    2. Arcanite Dragonling.
    3. Mechanical Dragonling.

    However, from this place u will need to get out by hearthstone/own portal/own another teleport. It has no other exit.

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    When used, gives you random buffs:

    -Split soul Evil (1h of something dark a-like priests shadowform)

    -Split soul Good (1h of a golden 'shadowform')

    -Replaces you with your evil twin (Doesn't really do anything, you are just afflicted by a debuff)

    -Enlarges you

    -Makes u smaller

    -Turns you into other race (u get 'mixed' with someone who used the teleport previously!) which are: Male troll, female orc, male tauren, female bloodelf, male gnome, female draenei, male dwarf and male nightelf)

    -puts you on a rock high in the sky (which caused many problems when you didn't have flying mount!)

    -or simply does nothing.

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    This is the true Figurine, which will teleport you to Feralas and place in you in phase together with Dormus the Camel-Hoarder.

    It took me exact 37 false figurines before i have found the real one. However 2 of my friends have made it after only 15-17, and my boyfriend got his real 1 at the 9th figurine.

    I highly recommend the _Npcscan addon, as u cant target the figurine - all u can do without the addon is fly low to the ground with friendly health bars on. With the addon u still have to be quite close to the figurines spawn point, as the radius which the npc will show on ur screen is quite restricted. The addon plays a sound when triggered by the mob (make sure u however add the mob to the addons list, as i think its not being there by default).

    There is always 1 figurine at the time (real or false), possible spawn time bettween them is about 1-8hours (or more, not confirmed by anyone else but the players really)

    here is a map i made, all the spawns are in yellow and the places i have (more or less) found the figurines are in blue.

    Hope it helps!



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    He is not really a challenging boss. My 85 boomkin dressed in resto gear didnt have much problems to take him down. You get a 20min buff which allows u to stay in his phase and kill him.
     The mount is looted from his body.

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    Easily soloable. Waves of adds may be the only problem as some of them are elites. The fight takes quite long if u dont have proper dps gear.

    When killed, u will get an automatic quest which will grand u his Shell after completed.

    Also, new Gokk'lok is going to spawn IMMEDIATELY after u kill the 1 u need. So dont bother to kill it twice, just swim away.

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    it felt much easier to do it on highly crowded server like kazzak (horde side). There was a spectator going rage like each 2-3 minutes, i have no idea whether i had good luck or really the amount of people who stand around cause the spectators to go rage more often.

    U have to watch out for assholes who kill the angry spectators as they go hostile. u wont have much time to aim the throw, so just bind the bottle (sold by Lidiya Peyton -alliance or Esme Sunshadow -horde) to save some time.

    Also, the buff that Brawl Enthusiasts gain (which makes them angry) lasts only 30 seconds. good luck!

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    Premaded it some time ago.
    We've been using the Preform AV Enabler addon, which allows you to queue your whole raid at same time. of course after i gathered the raid (needed some guys from /trade, as few of the calendar invited people didnt show up) and after all 15 members managed to install and run the addon, it took some time. i had a few leavers, whole premading took up to 2 hours, together with the 3 total tries. What i must say aint that bad again....
    While using the addon u must remember that it doesnt give u 100% chance to get everyone in the same BG. People will get single invites to different or already started EOTS, so raid leader must watch the list and announce whether to enter or not. We had 2 fail tries before actual win. And both first 2 tries missed a person or two from my premade, as they didnt get the queue at all or got different BG just in the second when for rest of us poped a fresh one.
    on the 3rd try we all managed to enter same bg, tho we were 14 by this time. The one random who joined was actually quite nice geared as well, so the start was awesome.
    We could have got it in 2nd try, but one of our paladins slacked literally few seconds. 2 paladins is a MUST for this achievement, as u need the crusader aura to get to the enemy bases on time, before they got capped. Mages and slow fall are very useful too. We also were lucky that the alliance guys weren't awesome - they missed resilience, and simply got chopped.
    u always have to leave 2 ppl to cap ur faction bases, best are classes with high survivability as they can stay long up and report if they need any help. Split rest of the raid to 2 groups - but dont count that majority of the enemy players will jump to their right-side base. In all 3 tries we had definitely more incomings to draenei ruins at start.
    Good luck with your achievement!

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