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    they spawn both inside the Caverns (underground) and in the desert around the enterrance, in the area the flying bronze drakes circle above.

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    Pretty powerful pet, especially early on. Her Surge of Power has a potential to one-shoot most flying pets, even the trainers' ones, and heavilly dent others. It's best udes as a finisher, though, as it'll make you unable to act for 2 following turns.

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    Nalash is a pretty straightfirward encounter. Eat his waterbolts, interrupt his torrent and dance to the raindance. If you pull him into the water the raindance won't hit you at all, though, making the encounter even simplier.

    The respawn timer seems to be around 90 minutes, and drop rate around 10%.

    Happy hunting!

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    They seem to be the highest lvl mechanical pets out there in the wild, so you may want to come here if you're hoping to farm for a mechanical stone. On the other hand, Winterspring may be a better choice, with athe abundance of mechanical critters there just a few levels lower.

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    Since it's a battle pet now, we have to believe someone finally found the "disable tranquill mode" button.

    A very good levelling pet, strong both against critters and beasts, which are the most common types you'll encounter. Needs a stone, though.


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    A pretty powerful pet, with nice offensive stats and skillset.

    besides, have you never wanted to have a fel reaver of your very own? Even if it'd have to be scaled down "a bit"? ;)

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    This baby is the ultimate anti-magic pet. As mechanical he takes less damage from magic, and deals increased damage to magicals with his dragon attack.

    It's uncommon quality by default, but he really deserves getting "stoned".


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    A great pet, with high speed and neat attack power. His main strenght and weakness are his turrets - he's dependant on a multihit damage object-source, which makes it use his rocket attack (not nearly as effective) against anything that can use a shield of any kind.

    Also turrets + spiked skin = complete and utter dissaster. For your sanity's sake do not use them against any porcupine, pufferfish or such...

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    This pet becomes available for purchase after you reach rank 4 in the Brawlers Guild.

    As a mechanical with humanoid moves, he's best used against dragonkins with magical attacks, like lil Tarecgosa, Celestial Dragon, Sprite Darter etc.

    Or just any dragonkin. Have you seen those gloves? Those are the gloves that punched Deathwing in da face!

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    Those pets spawn a little bit away from the town, on the hills and mountainslopes just outside the mechanical critters spawning area, so when looking for one make sure to make big circles.

    Camping the town is a common mistake, one I've been guilty of myself. You most probably won't even see them from the town!

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    For this skillset, the p/p breed is the best - most damage and insane heals.

    If you are not lucky enough to get a p/p rare quickly, consider using a stone on any p/p you can lay your hands on. It's really worth it!

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    Even though it's only uncommon by default, it's a very useful battle pet. His high power (p/b breed) make both his attacks and heals bring big numbers onto the screen.

    I have found him especially useful in the Whispering Pandaren Spirit fight, where he goes through the moth (critter with flying moves) like a knife through butter, end then he just keeps kicking.

    A stone used on this one definitely won't be a waste!

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    If you have problems finding these, go to the sea shore and hunt lvl5+ spirit crabs. Larvae are commonly found as their sidekicks.

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    Quite an interesting pet - undead with abilities commonly found among aquatics (crabs). It's also one of the few undead that don't really have to be afraid of critters.

    As it's an undead, you can forget about it's speed and go for as much power as you can get. The baseline skillset I'd reccomend is:

    1. Snap - a baseline attack, very effective against critters

    2. Whirlpool - a hard-hitter every few rounds

    3. Shell shield - negating DoTs and multi-hit attacks, the main source of critter-type damage


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    A p/p rare version of this pet is a great asset for a levelling team, and not terribly hard to get, since the cubs are litteraly all over the place. The only better cat is the cornish rex, but you'll need a stone to turn him into a rare.

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