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    If you are unable to get this quest you need to rescue all the Paragons listed

    Amber is the colour of my energy

    And to do all klaxxi quests
    Dread haste makes Dread Waste

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    If Horde players have issues obtaining this quest to get the Safari Hat its recomended to create a Human and do the starting pet trainer in Goldshire Julia Stevens

    While the Alliance playes who have issues can create a Troll/Orc and go to Zunta the Pet Tamer

    When your done with the achievement you will get this in the mailbox from Breanni
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    I can't believe it. You are really taking these tamers out!

    I have been watching your progress and its amazing! you are just taking out tamer after tamer. I figured this hat might be useful to you on your quest to the final Zen Master in Pandaria.

    Keep up the good work!

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