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    While the buffs you get from the bags are not the greatest, they're good to use for instances / scenarios since they are free. You usually get cash, motes and sometimes herbs / minerals - so I suggest using it every cooldown just to farm stuff.

    To avoid having to keep track of Wikky, do what I do. Find a place where there are 50 easily killed mobs where you go after activating. My favorite spot is Paoquan Hollow (north western part of Valley of the Four Winds), the flies go down easy and there are plenty around.

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    Truly one of the most pointless and yet awesome items in the game. I got lucky and it dropped on my first kill, friends have tried 10s of times without a drop though. It makes you look really awesome and if you're into the roleplaying thing, this item is a must have.

    I've attached a screenshot on how it looks on my Worgen - which in itself is awesome. This makes it better!

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    Worth getting for the graphics alone, I've attached a screenshot of how it looks on my Worgen Mage. The use effect itself may not be all around useful since most underwater quests usually buff you now, but it's nice when they don't or for exploring. And again, the grapic effect :)

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    It took me about 8 kills of Sulik'Shor to finally get him to drop this (and with the camping going on, that took some time). Now I run around solo with it constantly. It may not be a gamebreaker, but 500 to all stats is always nice on a pvp realm. Not very usable in raids since any real raidbuff beats it, but helps while soloing.

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