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    You or someone else in your group must have at least 225 skill level in Archaeology in order to do this.

    There are different artifact types in the room.  Fossil, troll, dwarf, etc.  Each "group" will have one object that you will be able to interact with ("examine).  Once you have examined one from each group present in the room, then one of the four possible bosses will be summoned in the center of the room.

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    Located in the  Zul'Gurub dungeon.


    It was once upon a time desirable as a hunter pet because it had a bug where its skin changed color whenever it was summoned or resurrected.  This was corrected with Mists of Pandaria.

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    Rugok if you are Horde.
    Toren Landow if you are Alliance.

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    He used to sell epic-quality "Thrown" items.  When that equipment slot was removed in Mists of Pandaria, all throw-type gear was either removed or deprecated.

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    FYI:  Turn this in to Marin Noggenfogger as soon as you pick this up.  It is flagged Unique and the Postmaster will not mail it to your inbox should you fail to loot it.  Few worse feelings for a rogue than missing out on using a coin.  :(

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    Located in the Rogue Class Order Hall.  It has a chance to contain a Rogue-only cosmetic item:   Boots of Artful Dodging and  Mask of Artful Dodging.  See here for the complete set list.

    The only way to loot this object is if the rogue is granted access by Marin Noggenfogger as a random reward choice for returning a  Marin Noggenfogger's Lucky Coin to him.

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    This is item level 880 at level 110, same item level as the "unsullied" tokens that are bind to account.


    • +1,712 Agility/Intellect/Strength (depending on class and specialization)
    • On-use ability increases Crit Strike, Haste, Mastery, and Versatility by 755 

    It isn't a great trinket, but if you don't have anything better in the slot... /shrug

    Video of what the visual effects look like:

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    Removed in the Cataclysm expansion.

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    The quest was removed with the Cataclysm expansion.

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    Savage Gift no longer has a chance to contain  Elixir of the Rapid Mind as of the systems patch for the Legion expansion.

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    This mission was removed from the game entirely with the systems patch for Legion.

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    This item can no longer be obtained outside of having the winning bid for it on the Black Market Auction House.

    Not cool, Blizzard - not at all.

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    Drinking this will apply the  Dignified buff.  It causes your character to wear a black top-hat and a gold-rimmed monocle over the right eye.


    This and  Faintly Glowing Flagon of Mead were temporarily disabled in 7.1.5 because players discovered that combining the effects, and then removing the effect from the flagon, would crash the game for every player in the nearby vicinity.  Now, when the flagon effect is removed while Dignified is active, all that happens is that your normal character model reappears sans the top-hat.  It appears that loading into a different zone causes the top-hat to display again.


    It does not look great with every hair style, as can be seen in the screenshot with the female gnome.

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    If you randomly see three of these spawn on the Darkmoon grounds, it's an ability called "Summon Aggrobots" that the Powermonger Racer can use to distract enemy zeppelins while racing.

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    It does not drop any loot, not even a measly copper.  Even Gamon drop 5 copper and a linen cloth...

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