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    Despite being listed by Blizzard as a "pet battle" pet like all the other pets caught during wild pet battles, this pet is only available after leveling 75 battle pets to the current maximum level of 25, which rewards the achievement  Pro Pet Mob

    Hopefully they will correct this error and move it into the achievement category soon.

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    These elusive birds only show up as a secondary pet while battling Darkmoon Glowfly during the Darkmoon Faire. The Darkmoon Glowfly needs to be at least level 5 for there to be a second pet joining it in battle.

    Don't drive yourself crazy looking for these all over the island like I did!

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    Very cool pet, unfortunately it was for China only. It was a feat of strength/incentive reward for returning players after WoW changed hands in China and was offline for months.

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