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    You will get credit as long as you land a blow, so look for someone already fighting and lend a hand, it goes much quicker that way

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    You will get wings to help you jump over the spell that creeps across the floor; also be sure and grab the weapon he drops and throw it back at him before it releases its aoe damage

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    You get three different buffs to help you fight, make sure you get the buff before fighting, made that mistake on the first two I killed, I hadn't moved far enough away from the pagoda yet for the buff

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    You must be revered with the Golden Lotus before you can start earning rep with the Shado Pan and the August Celestials

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    I can't believe no one has posted about the Tillers, these guys are a great faction new to MoP. As you gain rep with them you open up more farm plots, and farming is an excellent way to gain matts for your given profession or just to sell on the AH for money. Also in the next patch you will be able to take work orders, a new way for people to gain reputation with other factions in MoP. So be sure and get exalted with the Tillers, it is well worth it.

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