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    These guys will respawn during the duration of a snowstorm, so fly around if you've cleared out an area or can't find any where you currently are. In my experience, they don't spawn around Dun Niffelem, so I would recommend checking in the area around K3, the engine area with all the proto-drakes north of Brunnhildar Village, and around Snowdrift Plains.

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    Very fun little event with lore and NPCs. Keep in mind that server activities are now based on PST, so the Wanderer's Festival runs from 9pm-11pm PST. You'll need to take the time difference into account if you're not on a Pacific server (e.g. if you're on an EST server, it would start at midnight and end at 3am).

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    My experience finds that these guys are one of those battle pets whose spawn is tied to other battle pets/critters in the area. I went to Winterspring to level up some pets and killed whatever I found outside the walls of Everlook. After about twenty minutes, one of these guys spawned a little SW of the town, near the sign with Bronn Fitzwrench. I also found one near the flightpoint NE of town a few minutes later. Good luck!

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    A few things to note for people who want to get this little guy:

    1. The Wanderer's Festival is affected by the 5.1 time changes. All realm activities, including this one (and fishing contents, etc.), are based on PST, so that means the Festival starts at 9pm PST and ends at 12am PST on all servers (save Oceanic).
    2. I recommend using a targetting macro for this. As a note, I used /tar Wanderer's Festival Hatchling. I originally was simply using /tar Wanderer, but the lanterns that spawn in the water are named Wanderer's Festival Lantern, so they were picked up by the macro. Binding a key to interact with target (through the actual menu, not through a macro) is what enabled me to get into battle with a hatchling before I closed the full distance.
    3. The hatchling I fought was 25 (though others mention they are 23), so come prepared with enough high level pets. They are aquatic, so they're weak against flying pets. Only 3 spawned at the start, right after the fireworks.

    I would also recommend taking some time to check out the Festival itself! The NPCs and the lore were very enjoyable.

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    It took me about two weeks of camping to get this guy. I had four characters from different servers camped at both silithid areas in Tanaris and would log over to see if a sandstorm was up. I logged in during a number of in-progress sandstorms, but never seemed to be around at the start. A few things I found:

    1. They do not spawn inside the tunnels (I felt silly asking this the first time, but I figured others might have the same question), only on the surface.
    2. They do not respawn during the duration of the storm (others mentioned they do very slowly, but I've sat through an hour/two-hour storm with no greens paws).
    3. You HAVE to be there at the start of the storm since only a few spawn at the start. (Edit: Maybe they now respawn during the duration of the storm, based on Funky303's experience. This would be AWESOME.)

    I decided to stay on just a few minutes longer while I went to get ready for bed with no storm up - came back 5 minutes later with a storm and 3 green paws on my map (I was at Gaping Chasm). I caught my first one, and when the battle was finished, the other paws were already gone.

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