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    As far as pet battles go it makes me proud to say Frosty holds his own.

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    Undead squirrel that roams EPL. Finding a rare can be somewhat difficult took me roughly 2 hrs. Its attacks are quite useful in pet battling as an "annoying aid type" creeping fungus is a good dot to use while taking dmg use consume to deal dmg and heal your squirrel by the amount of dmg it does. If things get desperate you can always use corpse explosion ftw =P. No similar to that of electrode or pokemon instead of doing instant massive dmg it puts a fat dot on the target.

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    They are found in the center of town, and spawn every few minutes. They are powerful for pet battle when used correctly. It takes a good while to tame a rare version with competiton especially w/ cross realms. I suggest getting on early in the morning or late at night pref during the week if u want a rare w/o spending mad time.

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    Comes in multiple colors, lvs 23-24, as far as a battle pet goes it should be used like a sword dancer physical attacker pokemon for those who read this and have played pokemon completelely (yay for no more ev farming).

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