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    G'nathus is an Elite mob with 43 million HP that swims around the Northern part of the Island Shanze'Dao off the coast of Townlong Steppes. He drops this pet.

    We tried various set ups to down this mob, (paladin tank, enhance shaman for frost shock) Finally realising I could just use Hibernate and Starfire/Wrath spam him to death, took 34 minutes to solo him this way.

    I would say you deffo need to be able to kite him, he hits too hard otherwise. Goodluck:)

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    Changes your Aquatic Form from the original *seal* model to the model of a killer whale. Uses the Glimmer Bay Orca Model.

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    One of the few pets that will kill itself. This pet blows itself up and you have to re summon him to see him again, Might want to not use a pet biscuit on this pet!


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