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    Disgusting Oozeling will get you right through to the third round in this battle, just use Absorb, Creeping Ooze or Corrosion and Acidic Goo. Keep AG as fir priority and then your number 2 dot and then spam 1 to get your HP back. I usually die with the boss requiring 1 or 2 hits so I swap in a low level for 1 round and then any other pet to finish him off.

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    I use this pet to power level all my pets to 15-18 ish. All you do is go to Hellfire Peninsula and set your skills to Zap, Repair and Tympanic Tantrum. Fight anything in the Peninsula with your low level pet as first slot, attack once and then swap to Landro's Lil XT. Cast Tympanic Tantrum which will be strong against all targets as every pet battle in Hellfire Peninsula is a beast. By the time thats done just Zap twice and the fights over. I have 30ish level 25 pets and this is the best way to kick their leveling off before you take them to trainer dailies to power level up to 25.

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