Impending Doom

Slay 15 Bleeding Hollow Grunts, 10 Bleeding Hollow Necrolytes, 5 Bleeding Hollow Peons, and Warlord Morkh, then make your report to Lieutenant Amadi at Honor Hold's western tower.




A quick examination of the plans reveals Zeth'Gor's leader, Warlord Morkh, as the mastermind behind the attacks led by Bone Magus Warlor. There's more to the map than just Morkh's forces.

The plans indicate that the Bonechewer force is armed and marshalling for an all out attack on Honor Hold in concert with forces from Hellfire Citadel.

There's no time to bring word to Lieutenant Amadi. You must stop the Bonechewer forces before they can launch their attack!


You will also receive:

Level 58