Someone Else's Hard Work Pays Off

This quest is not available in game.

Escort Cryo-Engineer Sha'heen safely through the Mana-Tombs so that he can gather the ether held inside Shaffar's ether collectors.

Report to Nexus-Prince Haramad located outside the Mana-Tombs at the Consortium encampment should you succeed.


  • Escort Cryo-Engineer Sha'heen


Who were you expecting!? That idiot Morphalius was 'de-prioritized.' Now I'm here to clean up his mess. All I need from you is to watch my back as I go through Shaffar's ether gatherers and suck them dry of all that they have collected. If I successfully complete my mission, Haramad himself will reward you!

What do you say? Escort me through the Mana-Tombs and then collect some incredible treasure? You already did most of the work anyway! Nothing's alive back behind us, right?


You will be able to choose one of the following items:

Consortium Prince's Wrap Cryo-Mitts
Consortium Mantle of Phasing Flesh Beast's Metal Greaves

You will also receive:

Level 64