Triangulation Point One

Use the Triangulation Device to point your way toward the first triangulation point. Once you have found it, report the location to Dealer Hazzin at the Protectorate Watchpost on the Manaforge Ultris island in the Netherstorm.



There is another reason for the retrieval of the surveying equipment. There is a crystal from draenei legend of great importance to me.

It is said that the crystal bestows god-like powers to its bearer! But it is in danger of being unearthed by others - namely the Burning Legion.

<name>, take the equipment and use it to find the first triangulation point. We know it to be somewhere to the east near Manaforge Ultris.

Afterward, check-in with my agent, Dealer Hazzin, on the Manaforge Ultris island.


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Level 25