Horde Frankly, It Makes No Sense...

Researcher Tiorus at Shadowmoon Village in Shadowmoon Valley wants you to travel to the lava flow near the Ruins of Baa'ri and use the Arcano Control Unit to control an Arcano-Scorp, swim in the lava with the Arcano-Scorp, and tag 8 Greater Felfire Diemetradons.




We must study these creatures further.

Far to the east - near the huge lava flow beneath the ruins of Baa'ri - you will find arcano control units. These controllers were crafted by a genius named Gnomus for the sole purpose of exploring lava via mechanical scorpion.

He has long since lost his mind and is now only interested in eating the hottest food known to gnome-kind.

<Tiorus gives you a funny look.>

I want you to use the control and tag the diemetradons of the lava flow for further study.


You will also receive:

Level 67