Test Flight: Ruuan Weald

Speak with Rally Zapnabber to use the Zephyrium Capacitorium. While flying to Ruuan Weald, spin the Nether-weather Vane. Deliver the Spinning Nether-weather Vane to O'Mally Zapnabber in Evergrove.




Hey, <name>. I'm glad I caught you! I have a very important mission!

Here is a nether-weather vane. I need you to take some in flight readings for me and deliver them to my cousin in Ruuan Weald.

Speak with Rally and take a Zephyrium Capacitorium flight to Ruuan Weald. While you're flying, spin the vane!

After you land, bring the spinning vane to O'Mally Zabnabber.

Good luck, <name>. And don't delay!


You will also receive:

Level 65