In Service of the Illidari

Travel to Netherwing Ledge and deliver the Illidari Service Papers to Overlord Mor'ghor at Dragonmaw Base Camp.



Netherwing Ledge... What was once a bastion of sanctuary for the Netherwing is now home to the Dragonmaw. While the orcs may have control of our territory, our magic there is still strong. Strong enough to cloak your true identity and allow you to infiltrate the ranks of Dragonmaw.

I have prepared this letter for you to present to their leader, Overlord Mor'ghor. Fly headlong into the maw of our enemy and seek out Dragonmaw Base Camp to start your new life as a fel orc of Illidan Stormrage.


You will also receive:

  • 90 (if completed at level 120)
  • 250 reputation with Netherwing
Level 67