Tokens of the Descendants

Collect Time-Lost Scrolls from the time-lost arakkoa in Skettis and bring them to a Skull Pile inside a summoning circle in Skettis. Summon and defeat the descendants of Terokk's adversaries and return to Hakkiz with Akkarai's Talon, Garokk's Spine, Vekkaz's Scale and Gezzarak's Claw.




The descendants held prisoner by the Skettis talonpriests are listed in this book. Gezzarak the Huntress, Garokk the Crystal Giant, the heretic known as Darkscreecher Akkarai and Vekkaz the Windrager. They will all need to be slain before Terokk returns to this world.

You will need the scrolls carried by the time-lost arakkoa and burn them at the summoning circles all over Skettis. Bring me a token from each one. These are powerful beings you will be facing; you would do well to bring friends.


You will receive:

Time-Lost Offering

You will also receive: