Scare the Guano Out of Them!

Collect 10 Darkclaw Guano and deliver them to Engineer Feknut at Steel Gate.



You, yes you... I need your help!

Petrov sent me up here to get bat guano for the cluster bombs he's making back at the keep. He sent me to my doom!

The darkclaw bats hang out in the Rivenwood to the north, but I'm not taking a step off of this platform unless it's to go home!

But you... you could get it for me! Yes? Pretty please?!!!

Here, take these firecrackers. My thinking is that if you drop 'em underneath the bats, the guano will be scared right out of them!


You will be able to choose one appropriate item for your class from the following rewards:

Icestriker Bands Reinforced Tuskhide Hauberk
Bloodbinder's Girdle Ice-Crusted Cape

You will also receive:

Level 58