I Sense a Disturbance

Har'koa has asked you to determine what has happened to Quetz'lun. Speak to her to be able to ride one of her children stealthily into the Altar of Quetz'lun.

Return to her at the Altar of Har'koa once you have done so.


  • Quetz'lun's fate revealed.


There's something wrong with Quetz'lun, the wind serpent goddess. What it is exactly I cannot sense, but I do know that her altar has been overrun with powerful creatures.

I'm going to send you there on the back of one of my children, which you saved. The two of you will move swiftly and with great stealth to uncover what has become of Quetz'lun.

My child will see you safely back to me. Just keep your eyes open.

When you are ready, ask and I will call one of my kittens for you.


You will also receive:

  • 2 70 (if completed at level 60)
Level 20