Banshee's Revenge

The Bone Witch at Njorndar Village has asked you to exact her revenge by challenging and defeating Overthane Balargarde.




The time has come, <name>. You and your friends must challenge the lord of Balargarde Fortress, the master of Jotunheim, Overthane Balargarde.

Atop the fortress, which is on the southwestern edge of Jotunheim, you will find a horn. Blow into it. Allow your challenge to resound throughout the steadfast.

Balargarde will have no choice but to face you. And I... excuse me, Vardmadra will be there to adjudicate the challenge.

<The banshee-possessed vrykul lets out a bellowing cackle.>


You will be able to choose one appropriate item for your class from the following rewards:

Vengance Shiv Quickblade of Cold Return
The Witching Grimoire Bonecaster's Endgame
Bulwark of Redemption

You will also receive:

Level 67