Chief Engineer Copperclaw wants you to use Copperclaw's Volatile Oil at the Broken Front to attract 3 Frostbrood Skytalons.

To use the oil, you must collect a Pile of Bones, an Abandoned Helm, and Abandoned Armor from the battlefield there.



Wahooo! It works! Not that I had any doubts in my supernatural ingenuity, only that I wasn't quite sure what kind of explosion to expect - let's just say I'm glad to see that you didn't get your eyebrows singed off. So now I just need to show ol' Korm how ya thaw out one 'a them wyrms. He'll hafta promote me to... to... to whatever comes after Chief Engineer! Here, you take another batch of the stuff and head back out to the front and I'll go get Korm...

Well? Move out!


You will also receive:

Level 67