Horde War Dance

Defeat Orno Grimtotem at Stonetalon Pass.



Some see our people as gentle giants, or noble savages. They have never seen us fight against our own kind...against betrayers from within.

The Grimtotem were offered mercy in exile, and they have scarred their own home to spite us. They will no longer be tolerated in Mulgore.

I've already sent our warriors ahead to drive them out through Stonetalon Pass, to the north. You have fought bravely against the Grimtotem, <name>; I ask that you join the battle again. Go, and help deal this final blow.


You will be able to choose one appropriate item for your class from the following rewards:

Dreamwalking Staff Kodo Mallet
Stunted Tree Root Sunwalker's Stunner
Kodo Gavel

You will also receive:

Level 4