Horde Burning Blade Medallion

Slay 5 Felstalkers and obtain the Burning Blade Medallion.



Through my divinations, I see that an item of power - a medallion - hides deep within the Burning Blade Coven, guarded by beasts and black magic. We must have it.

For too long these demon-worshippers have defiled our homelands. Cleanse the coven of its demonic taint by slaying the fel beasts and their leader. Return with this medallion as proof of your deed.

Go, <name>. You will find the coven in a cave to the north.


You will be able to choose one appropriate item for your class from the following rewards:

Burning Blade Coven Gloves Fargaze Armbands
Ouster's Leggings Coven Hollow Wristguards

You will also receive:

Level 1