Alliance Lycanthoth the Corruptor

Use Lycanthoth's Incense within the Maw of Lycanthoth in Hyjal to summon and kill Lycanthoth.



I think I understand what's happening here. The Twilight's Hammer fears that the ancients may someday rise up to oppose them. They'll do anything to stop the return of Goldrinn.

This "Lycanthoth" is a twisted version of our beloved wolf god, summoned by the Twilight's Hammer to replace him.

Bah! It is but a shadow of Goldrinn's power. <name>, kill this beast so that the true ancient can return. Take this incense and burn it in the Maw of Lycanthoth east of here. Slay that beast and free Goldrinn!


You will be able to choose one appropriate item for your class from the following rewards:

Clutches of the Worgen Spirit Primal Force Girdle
Goldrinn's Locket

You will also receive:

Level 80