The Princess Unleashed

Summon and defeat Myzrael at the Shards of Myzrael.



Myzrael's no innocent princess. She's a terribly dangerous force, and the giants had every reason to chain her down there. I'm afraid you've been had.

According to Gerrig, you have to summon her at the Shards of Myzrael where you first spoke with her. Defeat her and gather her Eldritch Shackles, then bind them to the Shards.

Here's the scroll you'll need. Be careful with it; I risked a few teeth to get it. Good luck, <name>.


You will be able to choose one appropriate item for your class from the following rewards:

Wrap of Open Menace Eldritch Gloves
Earthbound Mantle Shackling Gloves
Mantle of the Bound

You will also receive:

Level 10