Stromgarde Badges

Collect 7 Stromgarde Badges from Syndicate enemies in Stromgarde Keep.



The Syndicate in Stromgarde do battle with our contingent of militia there. In order to urge the rabble to fight our more disciplined troops, the Syndicate leaders have placed a bounty on our soldiers, awarding gold for each Stromgarde Badge gathered off killed militiamen.

We want those badges retrieved - we cannot allow the cutthroats to take trophies from our brave fallen!

Enter the Syndicate-controlled area of Stromgarde and hunt them for our badges.


You will be able to choose one appropriate item for your class from the following rewards:

Slippers of Sorrowful Tidings Yellow Ribbon Armbands
Griefstricken Gloves Heartsick Breastplate
Bindings of Longing Grips of the Weary

You will also receive:

Level 25