In Aid of the Refugees

Sentinel Lendra at Lor'danel wants you to speak to Priestess Alinya at the Refugee Camp.


You're come to help, I hope? You have no idea what I'm talking about, do you...

I don't have time to fill you in on all of the details, but we had a town in Darkshore, Auberdine, that took some of the worst of the Cataclysm. We're in the process of rescuing some of the survivors, but I need someone with a bit more experience--someone like you--to check in on a refugee camp that we heard about in the south.

Leave things to us up north. Head straight down there and help the refugees however you can.


You will also receive:

  • 60 (if completed at level 110)
  • 25 reputation with Darnassus
Level 10