Horde Death to Mor'ghor

Slay Warchief Mor'ghor in Dragonmaw Port. You can still recruit Dragonmaw Merchants and Workers to help you.


The time has come. Mor'ghor dies today.

Be warned, <class>. Demon blood courses through his wretched veins, and he channels unnatural power. He will be destroyed, yes. But it will not be an easy fight.

You remember where Mor'ghor resides, at the top of the camp. I will meet you there. Finish him!

Be sure to recruit 3 Dragonmaw followers if you are short - you will need our help.


You will be able to choose one appropriate item for your class from the following rewards:

Merchant-Rise Shoulderguards Helm of Furious Uprising
Treads of the Common Man

You will also receive:

Level 84