To Win a War, You Gotta Become War

Use the Bravo Company Field Kit to plant a Seaforium Charge at the Blackrock Tower and Blackrock Munitions Hut.



<The Bravo Company radio beeps.>

Do you understand yet, <name>? Do you now see what we gotta do to win a war against these monsters? YOU GOTTA BECOME WAR! NO MERCY!

With the P.O.W.s freed you're clear to plant the seaforium. Carefully make your way into each of the structures out there and plant a charge.

Plant a seaforium charge at the Blackrock munitions hut and the Blackrock tower. Once you're done meet up with me and the rest of Bravo Company at Shalewind Canyon, east of Render's Valley.


You will also receive:

  • 3 30 (if completed at level 60)
  • 250 reputation with Stormwind
Level 7