Night Terrors

Talk to Uchek in The Gullet. From the spirit realm, use your Light of Souls to keep yourself safe while you visit the three shrines inside the cave.




Me friend Uchek is in de cave already. We set up three shrines inside. All you gotta do is flush out de bad juju from each one, mon.

Go inside de cave here and talk to Uchek. He put you in a trance, put you in de spirit realm. Tread carefully! If you see a ghostly beast, you don't be panicking. Shine de Light of Souls on de beast for a moment or two, and de light will send 'em away for good. De light will keep you safe. Now go cleanse de three shrines!


You will be able to choose one appropriate item for your class from the following rewards:

Juju of Nimbleness Harmlight Token
Shrine-Cleansing Purifier

You will also receive:

Level 84