The Kirthaven Summit

Speak with Lachlan MacGraff at Kirthaven in Twilight Highlands.



After the licking we just gave 'em, the Dragonmaw assaults on Thundermar ought to stop. Maybe the Wildhammer do have a place in your Alliance - we Thundermars certainly owe you a debt.

Up in Kirthaven, our Grand Shaman Lachlan MacGraff has been trying to arrange a summit between the surviving Wildhammer family leaders. It's a tall order to get us all to work together, but I'm at least willing to give it a go.

Fly up to Kirthaven in the North and talk to Lachlan MacGraff. I'll meet you there!


The following spell will be cast on you:

Summon Colin to Summit

You will also receive:

Level 84